What is it with people touching me!

Sorry rant alert!

OK so I have very painful shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and knees. Why oh why even when people know this do they give your shoulder a "comforting" rub or grab your elbow when telling you something funny or keep tapping your arm along with exciting bits of a story- GET OFF!

I have told some "please don't touch me it really hurts" but then they forget and apologise profusely- it still bloomin hurts!

Handshakes too! Ok so most people who's hand I shake don't know I'm in pain but to trying to stifle a yelp when your bosses, bosses boss meets you is really really difficult!

Phew got that off my chest! Starring Humeria in a couple of weeks so hopefully this won't be such an issue for much longer!

Have a good day everyone xx

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  • I totally agree particularly with the hand shakes as my hands are v painful . I find if you do a double handshake that the other person doesn't hold as tight , or go in for a kiss on the cheek instead. Unfortunately the pain isn't always obvious to others ☹️

  • Lol it's doctors that hurt me the most! I see so many and they all want to , erm -feel! Why not just take my word for it that it hurts?! X

  • When my hands were painful, I would wear a wrist brace. My wrists didn't hurt but people didn't want to shake my hands because they thought I had a sprained or broken wrist.

    Strange how people need a visual inorder for them to know you are in pain.

  • It's because you're gorgeous and they simply can't resist :-).

  • Ha ha like it x

  • I feel like a porcupine, I'm always begging people to please don't touch me and they tend to get their feelings hurt. I get that rubbing someone's back or shoulders shouldn't hurt but it does. I just cringe and bear it sometimes. People have a hard time believing that literally everything hurts.

  • I totally agree 😑

  • High fives, should be banned 😊 my OH still forgets my wrists don't bend that way

  • Not ranting, just saying! I know we're all utterly gorgeous, lovely and irresistible etc but give us a break here and gerroff! I have the same problem and I'm going to get a badge made "Fragile. Do not handle" or some such. Any ideas? Grrrrr


  • Handle with care lovely x

  • Many apologies for being so irritable. Just feeling a bit battered today. We were out last night with friends , one of whom seems unable to talk without grabbing an elbow or patting some part of you. Lovely lady, but a little too "handy".


  • OH yes - i can identify with that! I now wear lghtweight wrist / finger supprts from hospital and when anyone reaches for me i cross hands on chest and say ' sorry i don't do hands anymore' which usually works. they may start thinking skin probs or worse, but who cares. i also wear thai kickboxer ankle supports [v cheap on internet but they don't show.] maybe try that? x

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