What is it with people touching me!

Sorry rant alert!

OK so I have very painful shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and knees. Why oh why even when people know this do they give your shoulder a "comforting" rub or grab your elbow when telling you something funny or keep tapping your arm along with exciting bits of a story- GET OFF!

I have told some "please don't touch me it really hurts" but then they forget and apologise profusely- it still bloomin hurts!

Handshakes too! Ok so most people who's hand I shake don't know I'm in pain but to trying to stifle a yelp when your bosses, bosses boss meets you is really really difficult!

Phew got that off my chest! Starring Humeria in a couple of weeks so hopefully this won't be such an issue for much longer!

Have a good day everyone xx

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  • I totally agree particularly with the hand shakes as my hands are v painful . I find if you do a double handshake that the other person doesn't hold as tight , or go in for a kiss on the cheek instead. Unfortunately the pain isn't always obvious to others ☹️

  • Lol it's doctors that hurt me the most! I see so many and they all want to , erm -feel! Why not just take my word for it that it hurts?! X

  • When my hands were painful, I would wear a wrist brace. My wrists didn't hurt but people didn't want to shake my hands because they thought I had a sprained or broken wrist.

    Strange how people need a visual inorder for them to know you are in pain.

  • It's because you're gorgeous and they simply can't resist :-).

  • Ha ha like it x

  • I feel like a porcupine, I'm always begging people to please don't touch me and they tend to get their feelings hurt. I get that rubbing someone's back or shoulders shouldn't hurt but it does. I just cringe and bear it sometimes. People have a hard time believing that literally everything hurts.

  • I totally agree 😑

  • High fives, should be banned 😊 my OH still forgets my wrists don't bend that way

  • Yes, I wave like Andy Pandy because my wrist is stiff. Also have problems with the big hugs. Some get it, some don’t. Some just have to do it. Then when they do insist and I am stiff in response they either get it or think I am being strange.

  • Not ranting, just saying! I know we're all utterly gorgeous, lovely and irresistible etc but give us a break here and gerroff! I have the same problem and I'm going to get a badge made "Fragile. Do not handle" or some such. Any ideas? Grrrrr


  • Handle with care lovely x

  • Many apologies for being so irritable. Just feeling a bit battered today. We were out last night with friends , one of whom seems unable to talk without grabbing an elbow or patting some part of you. Lovely lady, but a little too "handy".


  • OH yes - i can identify with that! I now wear lghtweight wrist / finger supprts from hospital and when anyone reaches for me i cross hands on chest and say ' sorry i don't do hands anymore' which usually works. they may start thinking skin probs or worse, but who cares. i also wear thai kickboxer ankle supports [v cheap on internet but they don't show.] maybe try that? x

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