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Cold and pain go hand in hand

Cold and pain go hand in hand

I haven't blogged for a couple of days as i was down and in a lot of pain. After putting up the decorations up with a lot of help, its the finishing touches that took the time. Now all of it is done,thank goodness. It has taken its toll on my body. Both of my hands are now suffering and i've had to take my weding ring off,which i did rather reluctantly and it hurt my pride i can tell you. I never expected to have to do that. It was put on my finger 28yrs ago and i never wanted to take it off. That really upset me i can tell you.

I am back not sleeping very well. Every morning i'm up at 5.30am,not sure why. Last night i slept better than i have the other nights at least. It seems that my knees are in tune with my hands as both are very sore. The weather is very cold and i didn't go out at all yesterday. I've got to go out today as i have a podirists appt. this afternoon. I have hammer toes and i don't want them to get worse than they already are.

I had a damn good cry last night. I had an early bath and got in bed after i had put e45 on my arms. Settled down to watch countryfile,strictly and antiques roadshow. At 9.00pm i settled down to sleep and i slept well until 1.30am and managed to go back to sleep until 5.00am.

So here i am in pain again, but i'm not unhappy or sad,which is a big difference to what i have been,which is a good sign. The heating has come on and all the lights are switched on and the telly is on. now all i need is a cup of tea, so thats what i'm going to do.

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Glad you're feeling less sad and upset today Sylvi :-}

Keep warm and be gentle with yourself,

Gentle hugs,

Cece x


Thanks for cece, I'm going to be good girl now. xxx


Glad you are feeling less sad.. your tree looks lovely xx

My friends helped me do mine on sunday xx


Pleased you had help. xx


Hi Sylvi

It is distressing when you have to remove your wedding set from your finger. I have just got my back on and yes I left on even though my finger was so swollen & the rings cut into my finger, before I finally gave in and removed them. It taken bout 5 wks now and all I have left to show for the swelling is a faint red line.

Your decs look nice especially as the tree is lit. I love coloured chrimbo lights they are the best.

Look at this way, putting up the chrimbo decs made you feel good. Your hands would of probably hurt anyway due to the weather, you have bought some pleasure to us all, as its a nice pic to look at.

Go and have a hot wax bath on them, that should help. I had one today at the physio. Before my hands were stiff, now they feel good and loose + plus they are soft.

I am trying to think if I paint the wax onto my knees will that work? So I may get the same benefit for my knees which are now both stiffish & sore, especially this morning.

In a nut shell babe I synthesize, friggin hate the cold, because no amount of spin on it, is gonna help, it still equates to that it means my joints are becoming stiffer & sore. I just hope it does not turn into a cold snap!

But just in case, wrap up warm and take care

Joanne xx


Joanne i had to go and see the foot doc, my feet are rubbish,i've got hammer toes,she has given me some things to put between the toes to see if they will help. She is looking at giving me insoles to try to align my feet. I think thats what she said. I went because i don't want to have to have an operation to straighten my toes,but it looks likely that it will be the end result,but she is going to see what she can do to help me. I mustn't wear slippers as they don't give me any support. Got to sort all my shoes out and not wear flip flops. Oh what a life we ra ladies have to go through just to get some comfort.

I hate the cold weather and i'm bloody sore as well. Never mind i'm in the warm now and i'm going to put my hands in wax.

Sylvi. xx



Sorry to hear about your toes. It's funny as I wear flip flops around the house also. Got it down to perfection as I can also wear flops with hosiery and socks also.

Hope the wax bath made a difference.

Hubby has just got in from work and I told him that I could not come out and walk dog with him again - it colder now that the sun has gone down.

My chrimbo stuff goes up this coming wkend.

Take care Joanne x


Joanne,just had my wax bath on both hands and my hands feel wonderful not sure about the pain,we'll have to wait and see. Its a shame you won't be able to out with hubby to walk the dog,but i agree with you its too cold for you to go out. I must wear socks as well,don't like the idea of ditching the slippers,they are soo comfy.

Put photo up when you have finished doing the deccies.

Sylvi. xxx


awh hope your feeling better sylvi, and i hope you get a full nights sleep soon :) your tree is lovely x


Thank you darling,its one of three. Sad i know!!!! xx


Sylvie, your tree is lovely, so cheery. Take your tea and just sit and look at the tree and meditate. Imagine you are in the South Pacific, on a beach, You add the rest of the details :)


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