Friday Night Bliss!

I Thought I would just share the fact that I had a good day, I think it is because I am taking diclac again, and over my orthotics I put some gel insoles. I work twelve days per month and have found it quite a stuggle to keep going! Mainly, the commute to the city center and the fatigue and the general ignorance of the RA condition. Economically I have no choice now anyway.

I have just taken my methotrexate, have a lovely real fire lit and am looking forward to my lie on tmaro morn. My wrist is actually a bit less swollen, so things are looing good for week end. My motto with this condition has become 'live in the day you are in'. For those of you who don't know the 'Spoon Theory' please google and read - it has been very helpful to me in explaining my condition. Also, I have found when someone says, with good intentions and head tilted to one side ' How are you'? a good reply is 'Very well, all things considered'. One last one, when someone suggests a remedy for RA or supplements/ herbal/ chinese/ voodoo doll / what their old uncle Albert used or all the other well intentioned suggestions/ cures a good reply is 'Oh Thanks, I'll mention that to my Consultant/doc/Rheum Spec on my next visit' . I actually said to a collegue recently, when she wondered aloud how 'such a thing could have happened to my bones' I think you should google RA, I am so fed up telling everyone its an AAAAuuutttoImmmuuunne Disease!!!!

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Glad you had a good day! I just read the Spoon Theory -- linked from here. Now I constantly berate myself for wasting spoons. : )


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