Dressed myself today!!!

Have had the most awful few days. My legs gave way under me when I was out with my son on Monday. Was completely unable to move by Monday evening. Called RA nurse who called back within an hour and was so helpful; for the first time in four years I felt that someone was actually on my side and was going to help me. Had a Kenalog (sp?) injection appointment by 2pm and started to feel better by the evening. This morning I actually dressed myself for the first time in weeks without help, sounds so silly but it was a big deal to me :) RA nurse has said I can increase my MTX every week now until I'm on 20mg with a blood test every week too. I've only been logged on for one week to this site but it was reading everyone's comments that made me pick the phone up and ask for help, normally I'd of just given up an thought this is how it is for me, but I now know that's not how it should be. Tomorrow I'm going to even try an give the dog a walk; she'll think it's Christmas! So thank you every one for making me realise I do not just have to put up with things I can actually ask for help. Regards Mel

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  • Hi there, good for you what a feeling to be able to do something so simple for yourself, something that other people take for granted every day, but those of us with ra understand the achievement so well as we've all been there.

    Be careful though and I won't be the only one to say this don't overdo things it's always important to pace yourself, even when things are looking so much better. Keeping positive too is most important in accepting your ra, so glad your feeling a little better and your right asking for help is not so hard after all.

    Take care

    Mandy xx

  • Hi Mel, forgot to say well done on your first blogg, (I think that's right). keep em coming amazing how much better you will feel for putting everything down in writing.

    Take care

    Mandy xx

  • Hi James

    Well done you. It must have a shock to collapse. It sure does make you feel better when you feel someone is really on side and helping you. Glad you have now improved. I know I would not have progressed as far as I have if I hadn't logged on to the NRAS forum and invited to blog on here. You are in good company, albeit probably not one of choice. Keep posting,looking forward to hearinghow you get on.

    Take care Julie xx

  • Hi Mel, isn't Kenalog fantastic! My RA nurse gave me one in March after months of struggling through another tough winter...it's such a shame that we have to be in such a bad way to a) accept we need some help and b) for them to provide it, but it's great stuff and it does help whilst waiting for the mtx increase to kick in. As Mand has said though, don't do too much, there will still be times when you'll regret getting ahead of yourself! Little victories to others are massive conquests to us, I recall feeling so much joy having been able to change my sons nappy myself and put on his little socks ;) Keep blogging xx

  • Excellent news Mel. Remaining positive is half the battle :) Remember to pace yourself, don't take on too much whilst feeling better (it is a false sense of well being offered by the kenalog, no change in the disease but relief from the symptoms). Methotrexate is the gold standard in the treatment of RA and many people do well on this drug. Do hang in there until things are under control and remember to keep pain relief topped up.

    Good to see you posting

    Lyn x

  • Hi James

    What a great feeling when you can actually do something for yourself. I am so pleased that you are feeling better. It is not silly, by the way, it is taking baby steps in this game and anything no matter how small is an achievement. You have done the right thing joining the forum, we all need each other so keep on posting and improving. Mxt is great once it kicks in.

    Sheila x

  • Hi James,

    Great to see you taking positive steps, you will go from strength to strength, great you got some relief. Hope the MTX kicks in & helps you long term. Good Luck & positive vibes to you.


  • I know only too well what an achievement it can be to dress yourself !! The steroid injections are fantastic with relief within 12 hours for me. Hope you continue to improve.

  • Thanks everyone. On Tuesday night I had the first proper nights sleep in months which was wonderful. Not tried to walk the dogs yet, i think it might be pushing it. But did do a small amount of gardening yesturday which was nice. I know one has to weigh up the pros and cons of having injections (ie long term damage) but I was able to give both my boys hugs yesturday so in my opinion it was worth it. Mel

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