News flash: garden birds relieve pain!

Dear all, first of all, no they don't really! But I was thinking this morning, having done my range of movement exercises next to the patio doors, how having a bad time with RA has had one good outcome for me. I have been unable to do much at all for the past few weeks, but I have been able to look into the garden and watch all the fledgling sparrows and finches learn how to fly. It has been an endless source of pleasure in a pretty grim couple of weeks. I am so glad I have found this site, it gives me the opportunity to share the good as well as the bad. Wishing you all a pain free day, and some cheeky sparrows to cheer you up!

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  • How does one extract the essence please? From these little friends of ours. Mmmmm yummy.


  • I think you might need a different type of tweetment Philip!

  • Your probably right lol

  • Yes just heard about that it is nice being in the garden listening to them

    Mind here you cannot lie to still or the English Vultures will have you LOL


  • I had the opposite , went in the garden and a beautiful sparrow hawk was dead. I guess it flew into my conservatory. So it's going for research purposes in a box to a Uni! At present in the freezer argh ( too much detail?)

    But my sparrows will be sleeping well tonite!

  • Just don't get those freezer bags mixed up.... Otherwise the university could be investigating the first frozen chicken in history which flew into a conservatory, and you could be having a very gamey supper!

  • lol theres notes over the freezer and my daughter wont even go in it now ha ha

    mmm recipes for sparrow hawk anyone lol x

  • Well done for thinking to get it in freezer and used for research purposes - never would have thought of that! X

  • There's a family across the road from us that rescue owls and I love the sounds they make during the night.

    We also seem to have local cat wars every other night. Mixed in with the owl hoots it's not so relaxing!

  • Is it the family or the owls making the noise?????

  • Ooo! I'm pretty certain it's the Owls but I'll have to listen out tonight just to make sure. I'll let you know.

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