sunshine, reflexology, bowen technique

sunshine, reflexology, bowen technique

Hi every one wasnt the weather great yesterday, sunny and pleasantly warm, plus no work so that immediately helped me feel better!!.

Had the car serviced ready for its journey to Bham Airport next week, havent driven there since ill and the furthest I Have driven since ill is just over 50miles non motorway, I HAVE DRIVEN there before illness three times it is early in the morning and once up I am a morning person, my chap is not and his navigation skills zero!! the car park is at garrets green just off A45 with shuttle bus to airport, can recommend it to any one flying from Bham as a good price!

Then went home to find scan(ultrasound) date of may28th which luckily is now before rheum appoint june3rd!

In the afternoon after quick lunch went off for my first reflexology appointment, she said that my brain was very good!! thats a relief, but though I HAD A BLOCKAGE in my Lymphatic system?. not sure if it was for me, pleasant as it was I couldnt relax into it, she said that people with very active minds find it difficult?.

She did some bowen technique on feet and ankles this seemed better, and she said she could combine a mixture of bowen and massage for me?, I am lover of massage, not sure til tried bowen, these are money generating treatments for these therapists though, think there is still a bit of curosity about them / tempered with healthy cynacism?

Had tea and scone and sit in the sun at nearby cafe, then home and I CUT the lawn., folllowed by a slight out side cable shred of strimmer wtih the strimmer!!, still safe I have a circuit breaker and I now have some red insulation tape around the sligfhtly frayed cable segment, im resonably practical, having been on my own for a long time until recently.

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  • Hi Summer,

    Well done, but you know the old saying PACE yourself.

    Bowen Technique Ummmm...some one did that to my wrists when I was at a first aid training day, helped a bit but like you say its a money spinner for them. Very funny trying to do compression on the dummy! it was the last thing I was able to do since both wrists were swollen at the time, I did pass the test though I wouldn't have saved a life!.

    Keep well

    God Bless Carol

  • Yes Pacing is a problem I struggle with it! I WASNT convinced about the Bowen on my ankles it hurt?,and my feet hurt when she squeezed them it wasnt enjoyable, think I WILL stick to the occasional massage and use the JACUZZI ( large one) at my gym as a hydrotherapy pool and the sauna both help

  • What a lovely day you had summer. I too was supposed to rest,yee right i polished down here did some ironing and generally pottered about the house. I repotted two houseplants as well. I am not sleeping very well at the moment,been down here since three. I had one line of washing on the line by 5am and the second line went out just after seven. I don't know what i am going to do today after we have been to asda.

    Your back garden looks lovely and especially your forsythia tree in all its yellow

  • I WAS UP AT SIX . slept v badly dreading work again today after tuesdays spiteful stuff, my forsythia is just like that, it is an old pic but it looks the same this year, I BOUGHT four jidnry bean plants and put them in a large pot with canes too!, couple of days,.week earlier up went two hanging baskets first time for me as no brackets up til curretn man he is v handy, you are welcome to come and sit in my small garden it is nice when the sun is shining x

  • I MEAN kidney bean plants off to work in ten /15min xx

  • Morning summer,your day sounded lovely :))) mine is similar today,my day off work,so I'm having my hair done then my friend is picking me up and we are going to a pub garden for some lunch,making the most of this beautiful sunshine.and sylv washing on the line at 5am,you are Wonder Woman :))) well done it will be dry soon lol !! Have a great day ladies,enjoy ur day love Michelle xxx

  • All sounds lovely - as does new man

  • They all say you've got a blockage in the lymphatic system! I'm sure mine is backed up like a grease-filled drain. Never mind though - it is a lovely day out there.

    You sound more cheerful with loads to look forward to & appointments that AREN'T in the middle of your holiday! Hope you have a good day at work.

    Luce x

  • My reflexologist went a bit funny after my session on Tuesday (I fell asleep and snored for much of it after a terrible night with tummy - what a waste of £32?!) and asked me if she was right to pick up from my feet that I'm having relationship issues?! Well if I was I certainly wouldn't tell her!! That made me a bit more cynical too but the first taster was so good I'll give her another chance but I didn't thing I was signing up for relationship counselling? But glad the rest of your day was good and you've achieved stuff around the house and garden. Tilda x

  • I went to an Alexander Technique woman who was so humourless & severe she depressed me half to death. She said I needed counselling to address my 'disorderly walk.'! But of course I now know why I was a tad wobbly. x

  • I wont book any more it wasnt for me and I HAVE forsythia tree and a mirabelle plum tree in my garden not a MONEY tree xx

  • How rude Luce re disorderly walk!? I loved my free taster with this woman - something definitely transported me then but I was just far too tired and in pain with tummy to enjoy this one hour session. I could feel my hands and wrists being soothed - it was like someone massaging me without the humiliation of having to reveal my midriff! I will try again once in 6 weeks time and see how I feel. I'm a born cynic but this woman is very good! Xx

  • I am 71 and a sufferer of RA and oA as well as FB. My joints and muscles ache so much and relaly hurt when touched. Yet I cannot have any painkilers. I practise complementary medicine. It does work. It is my only way of staying on top of the pains. [though I would love someone to say if they had pains in their legs and if they touched them they were all sore]. I also teach Tai chi and almost all of my club are disabled in some way. We help each other. Bowan can help but it is subtle. I prefer a good massage. 20p for tea or coffee is all I charge for classes and the Diploma is accepted by the insurance company. We are not all trying to make money.

  • I am a fan of tai chi however AS I did enjoy that and my teacher was lovely, might start again funds permiyying though she is off to south Africa for three weeks!!, lovely lady she used to do classes at my old "gym!, I also like massage, just felt reflexology wasnt for me? didnt get anything from it x

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