I am considering trying some massage therapy, wondered what sort would be beneficial? I had a bad experience a couple years ago with an over enthusiastic therapist- after years of being migraine free she did something that bought on a series of awful migraines. I was so upset but eventually found a great Osteopath that put me right. However said Osteopath doesn't agree with massage at all or any mainstream medical practices, medication etc. That doesn't really suit me and I don't really believe in homeopathic meds.

I think massage will help relax me at least but which, Swedish, deep tissue or has any one tried Reiki?

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  • You've sort of answered your own question Millie, ensure you choose someone who's trained or at least aware of rheumatoid conditions & knows what more importantly how much pressure to apply. When our insurance company arranged for treatment after assessment for me following a shunt I asked them to ensure that whoever was treating me was RD savvy... & he was, he not only worked on my whiplash it did wonders for my neck full stop. I carried on seeing him he helped so much but unfortunately due to other commitments only go infrequently at the mo.

  • I get massage from a physiotherapist but that is mainly for my knees. She has tackled knotted muscles in different places but she does have a good understanding of my sensitivities and read an article I sent her about chronic fatigue and RA

  • In desperation I tried Acupunture with a local Chinese practitioner. I paid for it myself as I was only referred for physio. I did not feel that the actual needle practice helped me in any way, but after each session she gave me a deep tissue massage. It was sore but bearable and afterwards I felt good. My muscles had become so scrunched up in pain for so long that it was quite uplifting and relaxing. I told the practitioner all about my RA and she wanted to treat it as a whole and for me to come off my medication - but I declined this. It was quite amazing to release the tension in my muscles so it helped me during a very difficult time. I have now been put on Humira so my RA has turned around.

    This is my personal experience and I would recommend, but you do have to be clear and firm about what you need and what you want from the massage and not to have any medicines pushed on to you.

    Research your practitioner before going for a consultation.

    Hope it helps

  • Yes thankyou, I did try acupuncture for my frozen shoulder a few years back, it was actually done by my Gp however it seemed a bit random. He also did a cortisone injection neither did anything. I have dropped him as a gp. he is basically not very good. I went to him for my Ra symptoms he said they were not related and I just needed ironically 'a massage'. If he had sent me for blood tests then I would be now getting some treatment!?

    I will do some research.


  • I was at a friends house and he has a visiting therapist who specialises on myofascial release. After a long chat he did some work on me and I felt hugely better but it didn't last too long? He doesn't really think I have Ra as my joints seem ok. It's my tendons that are killing me.

    Until I get proper diagnosis I will just have to muddle through :-/

  • My other half booked me an aromatherapy massage as a birthday treat at a spa whilst on holiday last month. I went along filled in the questionnaire and they would not let me have it. Their insurance would not cover them because I had joint problems. They were very good and said also did not want to stir up and inflammation plus I had only just had a depo medrone injection.

  • Interesting, did you have any other treatments? I guess even a facial would be beneficial if it helps you relax? 😳

  • Yes I did have a facial actually and a manicure. The facial was wonderful really relaxing. Never had anything like this before. I am not really someone who goes for all the beauty type things but I did enjoy it. We are going for Christmas, on sunday actually. I havd booked a half spa day use of thdnpool sauna and steam room. In that I get anothef facial and my nails done. Just a manicure and polish.

    I think if you start with gentle and realaxing should be beneficial. Suppose what I am saying is try reputable places so they can advise. Your Rheum team would be able to advise what massages are advisable.

    Good luck

  • Sounds fab, I hope you enjoyed it :-) Am sure some kind of therapy at least keeps the mind relaxed at least?

  • I have had acupuncture throughout the long period of my CFS and fibromyalgia. I found it to be the only thing that helped me with pain,but also digestive issues. I have avoided big pharma thus far, though it looks less likely now. I will continue using acupuncture though to enhance my well being. I find it powerful stuff when done by a properly qualified and trained practitioner

  • I may look into that have only tried acupuncture once. I really need to find out exactly what it is I have before though I think?

  • I use a Bowen therapist. It's very gentle and focuses on the whole body not just the sore bit.

    I've had some amazing results with it and it works for me.

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