Head in the sand time?!?!?

Head in the sand time?!?!?

HI everyone, I have been newly diagnosed with RA. So new that I haven't even had my first appointment with the Rhumy yet. Thankfully I seem to be better off, pain wise, than a lot of people on here. My main problem is first thing in the morning when I can hardly walk for a couple of hours. Being diagnosed with RA is quite scary, I don't know what to think really. I have gone through the 'why me?' 'why now?' and 'what did I do to deserve this?' stages. I am trying to stay upbeat but not looking forward to the drug regime, sounds like it could be horrendous! Hopefully It will not be half as bad as I imagine it can be.

I am 60 years old and last year started to think about retiring from work and enjoying the, hopefully, last third of my life on the golf course. It seems that the minute I started to talk to my OH about retiring I started getting aches and pains, which at first I put down to just getting old. It was only when I developed a lump on the bottom of my foot that I started the long process of diagnosis, eventually leading to testing positive for RA. Thankfully I still do not know enough about what is to come to worry about it too much, acceptance issues there methinks!

Hopefully I will be posting a blog on my progress, or lack of it, in the future.

Keep smiling


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First of Richard, welcome to our community,it is getting bigger by the day. We are a great bunch of people. You will be ok once you get your meds sorted. A lot of us manage quite well when their meds are sorted out. The trick with ra is pacing,which i know to my cost is hard work. I try,but i still overdo it at times.

Best wishes sylvi.x


Hi Richard,

Keep positive, everyone is different and experiences different levels of RA. I am new to this site, and I can confirm it is a blessing being able to ask questions and leave comments for people with the same problems. A good place for tips and information.. Good luck with your retirement and getting meds sorted.




Welcome and good luck with that first appointment take a list of questions with you x



Hello again Snap I too have a swelling on the ball of my foot, which gets very painful when walking and shopping, goes worse as the day goes on.Have seen the consulant for Diagnosis who sent me for Ultra Sound on hands and feet,thought I may get appt this morning for Results not so! taking quite a while. I also have Diabetese, so it could be Neuropathy,Hope you get to see the Rhuemy soon and get your meds sorted.Best of luck and a Happy reirement.



One day at a time....and you have to think that you're going to be in the magic 20% that have one bout of pain, respond superbly to the meds, and are never troubled again by this dratted disease.....Polly


Hi Rich


The morning is hard for all of us. Some get up even earlier to allow time to get ready for work, others take pain relief on a regular basis to aid getting up, some have managed to change their hrs and go in later etc.

I am not as stiff now I am on medication, but it is still worse in the morning. I get up half an hour early and take pain relief until I feel able to move about more freely, then get up and start getting ready for work. I find that works best for me. You will adapt also - you will see.

Hope you enjoy our community and looking forward to readying your blogs.

Sci x


Hi Richard and welcome! What a bugger to have this diagnosis just when you thought everything was just rosy. I was enjoying life and then was slapped in the face with RA. I'm still 'uncontrolled' after almost a year but not as bad. Meds still to be sorted properly. It will get better and the meds can be harsh but you do get used. I think the secret is not to dwell on it, accept it and make some adjustments to your life and mindset. Good luck and keep us posted. Xx


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