Tocilizumab infusion


I am sooooooo excited because I m going to have my tocilizumab infusion today! (Most people get excited about a holiday or new car - not us on this site, we get excited about a medical procedure!!)

Please wish me well that it works.

I'll blog about my experience afterwards so that anyone else having it will know what to expect.


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  • Good luck, sounds scarey what you have to endure to receive this treatment ,fingers crossed and soft hugs to you .

    Angie xx ?? xx

  • Wishing you the best Tilsongal. I don't blame you for being excited, we all want something to work. Looking forward to reading your blog report. Take care lovely.

    Love Janet xxx

  • Hope it goes well for you. I had a weekend in hospital over the weekend a couple of years and all i seemed to do was rest on the bed. Take plenty of reading and crosswords with

  • Thank you Janet and Sylvi it is so nice to know that people here are so supportive and on my side.


  • Angie, thanks for the hugs! Really need them.


  • Good luck! I used to quite like the rest in the day unit and lunch brought to me!! Also I liked speaking to others about their RA and it helped me a lot. Rest tomorrow though I tended to get tired afterwards. Let us know how it went for you, thinking of you Axx

  • Thanks Allanah. I'll take your advice re rest.


  • Hi Tistongal i'm also on that once a month . Been having it for 8 months now but unfortunately not feeling the benefits from it but i think its because i have a really bad shoulder & that's getting me down. Hope it works for you. I havn't had any side effects only feeling tired for a day or 2 after having it. Xx Alison

  • Good luck think it can give good results xx

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you all for you good wishes.

    I arrived at the hospital and it was obvious that they were very busy. After about an hours wait I was taken to the ward and asked if I minded not having a bed as they were so busy, instead I was given a chair with a bed between me and a man on a chair at the other side -it wasn't a problem. I had my blood pressure, temperature and urine tested and a cannula was put into my arm ( they tried to put I into my hand but I was so sore the moved it to my arm). After all the checks and tests the infusion was set up and I relaxed with my iPad. It took about an hour after which there was a saline flush and after more temp and blood pressure checks I was free to go. All very easy and simple and a great deal quicker than the Rituximab last June which took all day. The gentleman on the other side of the bed had a severe reaction and was obviously quite poorly so it's not a doodle for everyone.

    So anyone having it need not worry and even if there is a reaction (which I think it is rare) they are on the case in a second.

    Thanks for all the support - it really does make a difference.


  • Tilston, glad all went well for your first treatment and hope you soon feeling the benefits. Glad no reactions and you are soon feeling great improvements.

    Neonkitty xx

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