collective knowledge/ thanks

collective knowledge/ thanks

I an very impressed by all the collective knowledge, common sense and life skills that we al seem to possess.. particular mention nras, lyn!!. ...,(huge knowledge) and lorraines daughter dr gemma., ra-fibro(forms and benefits),

Then we have pengiun,

zimmie and tia steph , julie 55 , mand, tricia, gina, wonky sense of fun and bloggers extrodianaire, supper mums endamum and all you other super mums, inspirational to all the mums on the site!!, this site has helped me immensely, would like to thank each and every one of you for your wise thoughts and vurtual friendships.

Probably missed out some names.. accidently.. so many great people on here, and as I have ra/ fibro fog/ flare, forgive me.

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  • HI Alison

    Yep me too.... RA and the three F's ... sounds like a new Band! Take Care x

  • Ditto! x

  • ditto from me as well

  • whats a collective noun for us lot then replys on a postcard or back of sealed envelope, then send to

    can any of you remember that line on a radio show

    clue spelt out.

    We all keep each other from sinking.....

    hugs to all

    Tricia x

  • I call you all my 'rheum mates' as we kind of live together with the same conditions imposed upon us. Actually if I'm honest most of my friends are now rheum mates, the others have gone some place else without me!! Ho hum ... :)

    Lyn x

  • Hi Alison, yep I agree so much knowledge and support. rheumy mates it is then!!

    mand xx

  • Ditto.

  • thank you rheumy mates xxx

  • Is theres such a thing as an e group Hug ????


  • there should be but not too hard lol

  • Hi Alison, I have been away again, but love your post, this has been great for me too, just to find people who really understand , rheum mates is fantastic,

  • its about sharing the vast knowledge we have between us that makes us stronger,

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