It's been a while

Hi all

Hope you are all well.

Apologies for not being about for a while - a few issues but i have been reading all your blogs.

I had a brilliant appt with my lovely rhuemy and we've finally got a plan.I've been on 25 mg of injected MTX which has been OK but ESR is now creeping back up.He has given a novel to read about the biologics and i go back on 28th Dec to discuss further.I know it sounds daft but i really wanted to keep these in reserve - a back up plan if you like -difficult decision.

I'm really jealous of all you folks who are all ready for Xmas -the panic mode is just kicking in ! but my son and his lovely girlfriend are coming down from Scotland for Xmas so now really looking forward to it now.

Work is hell at the moment - we are so short of staff at the moment which means the abuse from our lovely customers has risen -good job i've got a thick skin - only 6 days left and then i've got 2 weeks off can't wait!

Anyway i've rambled on long enough

Have a great weekend all

Julie xxx

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Morning Julie,its lovely when you have family with you. My son won't be here as he is in the caribbean working. He's half way through a siw month contract on the cruise ship called carnival dream. Now my daughter tells me she's working ten until in the spar in our village,so what was going to be a strange xmas has got even stranger. No kids in the house on xmas morning will be a first for us. I think we'll have to do something different this year. Though the kids went up the pub xmas day and we often joined them this year will be odd.

Julie its lovely you won't be on your own xmas day and there will be two more hands to help make it easier for you.

I don't know about you but the numbers they give you i don't understand. I know if i'm in pain or not, and i know i'm not right at the moment. I envy you all who can make sense of everything your told.

You take care and don't over do it leading up to the big day.

Sylvi. xx


Hello Julie, good to hear from you. That is great that you will have your son with you at Christmas. I am excited that we are not going anywhere this year - its 50 miles to my mothers and the last two years we got snowed in and there is always a crowd of people there -i have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. The other place that we go to is my sister-in-laws who is single and who hosts a fantastic dinner but i am never really comfortable as after the first course my two girls are finished and there is 5 more to go and they don't want to know. She lives 25 miles away and the journey is just as hazardous.

This is the first year in 8 years that we can have it in our own house. It will be good fun.

I am going to write a few cards today and make some mulled wine (non alcoholic) my brother and his family are coming up today - i am going to take my nephew and niece out to the local fun place (not sure if i can though as some joints arenn't working this morning) to give them a bit of time to get some christmas presents. So whatever we do it will be good fun.

Poor you with work obviously the spirit of Christmas has missed some of the shoppers.

Have a good day.


Welcome back.. I havent finished my shopping either ! x

Pleased your rheumy appoint went well, I know its difficult but they are the experts.. so think through their advice.. as you know 25MG is the maximum RA treatment dose of methotrexate so If the symptons/ esr are rising the consultant is forced to either add in other Dmards.. may be going to triple therapy by adding in two more or going to Biologics.

Have a lovely Christmas and good luck with your decision on treatment

Alison x


Good to hear from you again - and sorry that work is so horrid at the moment. I couldn't work full time hours and haven't been able to for quite a few years so I'm not surprised that you're exhausted. Add home and family ties and responsibilities and you've got a 24-7 life - something that doesn't sit easily with the double whammy of pain and fatigue of RA:-(

I'm glad to hear that you're rheumy is responsive to your needs - I know it seems scary being given all that drug information but people have some really good outcomes with the newer biologics and you need that inflammation under control and causing as little damage as is possible.

My xmas shopping solution has been online shopping - now I just need to get the parcels done up and posted down to family in the south. Have a lovely time with your family and roll on that 2 weeks break:-}

Cece x


Glad to see you back.

Hope you get the chance off biologics and they work well for you!

Julie x


Thanks all for the lovely comments - they really cheered me up

Sylvi -Just think you'll be able to have another Xmas when your son gets home !

Mads i sometimes wish i did work in a shop - i work at the Jobcentre and contrary to common belief we do try to help people (honest) I've recently cut down to 24 hrs a week and this is more than enough!

Thanks for all the advice and good wishes about the biologics -it really is a difficult decision but i have faith in my doctor and i know that his advice is sound and taken with my health as his primary concern

Just sent a mega order to Amazon just praying the weather doesn't delay any deliveries this year -now just got to start the dreaded Xmas cards ...

Thanks again all



Oh Julie,Job centre - i can imagine that life could be very hard being on the other end of continuous irate people.


Hi Julie, good to have you back. Glad things going ok for you. I know the staff at the Job Centres work very hard and have to put up with a load of abuse at times so good luck to you. We are out for Xmas Day at friends but the family is coming Boxing Day for dinner. (They are going to my son's in laws for Xmas Day as Juliet's mother has just lost her mother - the funeral was last Friday so we had the grand children for the afternoon after school).

I'm working on the Thursday after Xmas but hubby is off until after New Year but hopes to get in some golf.

Must get Xmas cards done this week - we always leave it until the last minute! Next Sunday the tree goes up and the lights on the front of the housel I then begin to feel slightly festive! LavendarLady x


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