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Had injections in my shoulders on Tuesday. Felt relief after an hour or so, now feel fantastic. Was told to "take it easy" for 48 hours. What a drag. Couldnt cook, couldnt drive the car, couldnt dig the garden. Read one and a half books. Discovered what a load of manure is spread across the TV during the day. Chatted to my recently bereaved neighbour, and we put the world to rights. 48 hours is now up, gonna jump in the car and take my wife for a great big turkish delight ice cream and for me a black forest gateau one. Yummy. Now, hopefully, no more injections. Back to normal. Have a good day folks. Toodle pip.

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mm man can i come and get one of those yummy ice creams? were is the lovely ice cream place in the uk? xx enjoy


Cockerham, near Lancaster. And they're delicious.xx


Hi so pleased your feeling goodxx


Thanks, feel like I could run a marathon. No way I'm going to try, but what a relief to feel normal again. xx



Really pleased that the injection (steroids?), has worked for you. Hopefully it will last the full term.

Make the most of your pain free time.

Sci x


Thank you. Will definitely do just that. The nurse told me I'll not need another injection so that's good news. So to celebrate, my wife and I went and sorted out our funeral plans. Boy, do we know how to live life to the full.

Sorry about the delay replying. I'm terrible at keeping up to date. xx


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