Hi guys, I will be having my 9th injection of enbrel today and to be honest I'm not sure it's working or if my expectations are too high! I still have pain and swelling in both my hands and wrists. Some days are worse than others but I do have some good days where I feel almost normal... Is this how everyone else feels???? I fve already failed on humira and am due back at the hospital on the 4th of April. If the enbrel is found not to be working then I'm told it will be rituxibab infusions for me!!! Even more daunting toxins in my body. I'm scared stiff to say the least and really confused. I don't know if I'm just willing the enbrel to work ??

As for the pen or syringe I use the syringe, I'm told they have stopped using the pen as there was lots of problems with it.... I don't know such a crap life at the moment....,,

Donna xx

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  • they do say it takes up to 12 weeks or more to work if any help

  • Hi i think any think do with RA seems to take quite a while to start working hang in there sill time to work x

  • I am on Embrel, but mine is the pen so not sure who told you they don't make it anymore! Are you on 50ml dosage per week at one per week or are you on 25ml at two per week, making your 9th injection only 4 weeks or are you 9 weeks? If you are nine weeks then you should have been having a bit more relief by now as you are nearly at the 12 week limit for having some effect on your illness, if you are at four weeks then it's still quite early stages.

    At the beginning I noticed that when I injected on Monday (this is my day), then by Thursday I needed some more, gradually its increased so that by Sunday I am ready for Monday. I am also taking Leflunomide each day alongside it.

    Hope this helps you, also you could have a word with your rhuemy team for their ideas. Take care.

  • Hi Georje.

    I'm taking the 50ml once a week so it's my 9th week. I'm not saying I don't feel any improvement but my wrists and fingers are still suffering. I also still get a severe headache the day after my injection. I got married just before Xmas and was given a steroid injection into my bottom and also one into my knee as that was extremely swollen. I also take 7.5 mg of pred steroid orally on a daily basis along with mxt celcoxib, butrans pain patches and temgisics along with amitryptoline on an evening. I think this is why it's so difficult to know what's working and what's not.. I've had no more swelling in my knee since the injection in December so can't really thank enbrel for that!! I suppose I will know more when I get my bloods done in a couple of weeks and see what my esr and crp are at... Life's so rubbish at the minute.

  • Hi Donna,

    I was around week 6 when I realised I was starting to feel the difference but it wasn't until week 14-16 before I had full effects, that was 16 months ago now and has been nothing short of a miracle, 90% I really wish this works for you soon, its flippin pants for you by the sounds of it!!!

    I get the pen thankfully, much easier although there has been the odd occasion the pen was faulty.

    It will be interesting to see what your bloods are doing, are you on MTX as well?

  • Hi Donna,

    I'm 22 injections in and like you don't feel great. The first month I thought wow then I had a virus over Christmas and joint wise feel back to where I was. Back to the doctors for me next week. I use the pen it's very easy if it doesn't inject just tap the top of it against a table edge and it releases whatever was stopping it and it works when you try it again.

    When I started on it my rheumy nurse said don't worry there are others if this was not the right one, but I had such high hopes. Guess that's the joy of RA :-(

  • Hi Donna,

    I was on enbrel last year, i was on it for 13 weeks and sorry to say that it didn't help me one bit. I am now on rituximab and feel so much better with it. I agree with Georgie. I would give it the 3 months and if you don't see a marked improvement then i would suggest that you try the rituximab although it normally takes longer to work. I was also using the pen so can't understand why you don't. Good luck.

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