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Hello all - I'm looking forward to the pen being introduced. I've been injecting MTX for a while, now on the 25mg dose and I hate doing it as the syringe is so medical it makes me feel more ill than I actually am - hopefully the pen won't look as scary! It certainly looks quick and easy.

I've been interested to hear about people going for training etc as although my rheumy told me the syringes are changing to pens she didn't give me an idea of when it would be - will a need a change to my prescription or will it happen automatically...?

Also - does anyone know if there is an actual changeover date or will pharmacists keep dispensing the syringe until stocks run down...?

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  • Hi, I've only recently started methotrexate and I was put straight onto the pen as me and tablets don't agree with each other! I went to have lessons from the rhummy nurse, had to then inject in front of her and she sent me home with a months supply! It really is fast, simple, easy and pain free, apparently some firm should come and deliver the pens to my home or I can pick them up from my rhummy nurse every month, I'm not sure where abouts you are but that is the pro forma in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK. Hope this answers some of your questions. ☺

  • I like the sound of pain free for sure!

  • hello! i have been on methoject for 3 months, just got my head around the old style syringe, went to collect my prescription on friday and was handed the new pen!!! i called the Rheumy nurse who was a bit shocked, admitted she was unprepared to advise on what to do but spoke to the head nurse who agreed i could try it myself without education ( i was due to inject on sunday). i read the leaflet, watched a you tube film (abut 6 times!!). i decided that if i wasn't sure, i would stop and leave it to go to the hospital on the monday - it all went fine though! i still couldn't get the lid off ( my partner's job) but apart from that it is easy and much safer.

    so, i would keep nagging your nurses for an education date if you are worried about doing it yourself, and maybe ask your pharmacist if they think they will have the pen in soon - if you do suddenly have a pen, i would have a back up plan in your head as to who to call (ra nurses, local gp if the nurses are not around)

    i hope this helps you and good luck!!!!

  • Thank you - I must admit I'm a little worried I might just randomly get them next time I pick up my prescription - we'll see...

  • I'm on 15mg & still on prefilled syringes which I would prefer to remain on really as I like the controllability. I intended to ask my Rheumy a couple of weeks ago when the changeover is likely but it was toward the end of my list & ran out of time. I know of another member on here who's been instructed how to use the pen at the same hospital so I think it's a case of when prefilled supplies run out at the suppliers your provider gets them from. I'm going to ask my pharmacist if she knows when it's likely to be when I get my next script filled in a couple of weeks.

    Not much help really, sorry. I'm in the same boat!

  • Sounds like I should talk to my pharmacist too - thanks for the tip.

  • No probs, but I'm not convinced she'll know till she's informed. Although she's so helpful if I explain I would prefer to remain on them as long as poss I've little doubt she'll have someone on the phone ringing her suppliers to see who still have stock to fill my scripts as long as she can I'm sure.

  • hi I have just started with the pen , and after studying how to do it have found it so much better than the syringes I was on. It really is painless and quicker. A very clever design altogether. A must have for us folks with R.A,

  • Sounds good xmas - can't stand the syringes myself!

  • Well I only found out on here, then my meds turned up and the new pens was in there still got some of the old injection, I have read instruction so I will just go for it as dont see rhemy until 10th sept and thats to start a new med on top of all the rest, its an infusion so hoping it work as would like a bit of mylife back.


  • Hope the infusion helps you Micky.

  • I got a phone call today to say my next delivery would be pens rather than syringes, as stocks of the syringes in our area have now run out. But if I'm nervous about doing it I can go into the injection clinic at the hospital which they hold once a week for people who don't like to or can't inject themselves. So it might well be that other hospitals do the same if you ask.

    Can't say I'm looking forward to it at all, as took enough for me to get used to the needles and the thought of having no control is a bit scary. Bit seems that there's no choice....

  • We don't have a delivery system here - I've always picked up my prescriptions from my local pharmacy - hope that doesn't change, having to stay home to take delivery would be a right pain!

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