hi guys

2nd enbrel jab today, good it hurts when i do it, anyone else hurt wen the needle goes in ?

A few seconds of pain is much worth days free of pain, am hoping it keeps working xxx

hope all you guys are doing ok xx

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  • Hi Alibronura - not sure what kind of syringe you have with Enbrel but with Metoject I find that if I pinch where I'm about to put the needle in then I don't feel a thing when I do it. Mind you my belly is now covered in bruises but worth it not to feel the needle! TTx

  • Sorry Tilda, if you are using the pen variety of injection you have to use a flat surface, no pucker or pinch. See my response below.

    Just thought I would mention this, it comes up again. Hope you are feeling well since opting out. xx

  • Oops sorry to misadvise! I think pens are meant to be the easiest aren't they? Tilda x

  • Hi I had my fist one Monday and yes it did sting when needle went in

    I'm on the pen what are you using? Once I got to five it stopped stinging

    Love Karen x

  • dont scare me please lol im starting tomorrow for the the first time and now worry

  • will try pinching the skin next wk, :)

    Karen im using the pen, the humira didnt hurt so much, not like the enbrel i count to 10 n it still hurts..

    rammstein plz dont worry its ok honest 10 seconds of stinging are so worth the relief u get with the after effects knocking out the pain , good luck xxx

  • You said you are using the pen, do not pinch the skin nor pucker the skin, it needs a flat surface.

    When sitting are you placing your index finger on your knee and your thumb on your thigh, then injecting near to your thumb? Now don't take offence, but this is where you will have more fat on your thigh, this is the part I was shown, you will gradually realise the area where you need to do it. Also you did do the opposite leg to the one before. Another thing are you saying it hurts by 'stinging' when the fluid goes in rather than the actual needle. It depends which leg I inject as to whether it 'hurts/stings' but you do get used to it, more so when you get the good days from relief of pain from your illness, during the time it hurting and counting I concentrate on the count, by going, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20, extremely fast. that way I have counted to ten in the way they want you to.

    Hope this helps. xx

  • Don't pinch with a pen injection I got it wrong! X

  • I've been on Enbrel injections now for 3 years: it's a short, sharp pain once a week. If I compare it to the pain of inflammation it's nothing.

  • Hi,I am starting Enbrel very soon and am going to be having the syringes (smaller dose) as I understand the pen is a higher dose.Had to stop the MTX until seen by a Neurologist due to Hemiplegic Migraines.Had a Depo jab today to keep me going. :) x

  • Hi guys, I will be having my 9th injection of enbrel today and to be honest I'm not sure it's working or if my expectations are too high! I still have pain and swelling in both my hands and wrists. Some days are worse than others but I do have some good days where I feel almost normal... Is this how everyone else feels???? I fve already failed on humira and am due back at the hospital on the 4th of April. If the enbrel is found not to be working then I'm told it will be rituxibab infusions for me!!! Even more daunting toxins in my body. I'm scared stiff to say the least and really confused. I don't know if I'm just willing the enbrel to work ??

    As for the pen or syringe I use the syringe, I'm told they have stopped using the pen as there was lots of problems with it.... I don't know such a crap life at the moment.... Confused.com,,

  • When I was on the Enbrel pen injections I used to make sure that it was at blood heat by warming it under my arm before injecting, it made a huge difference.

    It's all worth the 10seconds of bee sting pain though.

    Good luck!


  • That's a good idea about putting it under your arm so it is at body temperature. You must take the drug out of the fridge for at least 30 minutes for it to warm up. I leave mine around 45 minutes. I had to laugh at the booklet that came with the first delivery. It tells you not to put it in the microwave oven to warm it up. Can't believe that anyone would even think of trying to cook it before injecting it.

    I inject very slowly, I have had the odd occasion when it's stung a little whilst it's going in, nothing and I mean nothing major mind you. I always think the anticipation of having to inject yourself is far worse than actually doing it. Once you get use to doing it, it really is a doodle.


  • I've injected Enbrel this morning and I had a go at putting it under my arm. After I did it I realised (In my opinion) that it wasn't really a wise thing to do. Body temperature is 37 degrees and at the most the drug can only go up to 25 degrees.

    I was advised by my RA nurse to inject Enbrel rather that use the pens. I'm use to injecting with a needle and was told that I would have more control of the drug going in, the pen delivers it quickly and she said I would get a sharp shock with it, It does sting occasionally when I do it, but nothing really bad. If it starts to sting, I slow down the injection.


  • Hi, I find it far too painful in thigh but have a nice chubby area in my stomach thats seems to cushion it :) I find that if I'm careless and don't angle it as close to 90 degrees then it hurts.

    Good luck x

  • i take the enbrel out of the fridge for 30 mins ,, before injecting .. i find it , doesnt hurt at all .. its just a little prick .. :)))

  • Hi everyone, I am starting enbrel soon. Been reading the posts about it hurting. I inject methotrexate each week and have not had any pain, slight sting occasionally, but thats all. Is enbrel more painful?

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