Prescribed Diazapim along with Enbrel

Prescribed Diazapim along with Enbrel

I am already on mtx, hydroxochloroquine, Enbrel, folic acid, naproxen and paracetamol. My GP has now given me a short course of Diazapim due to awful back pain which is really affecting my ability to exercise, sleep and generally feel the improvement brought about by Enbrel in the past 6 months. Can anyone offer any advice as I'm very reluctant to continue taking them as they make me feel spaced out and haven't helped with the back pain at all. Seeing Rheumy at end of July but that seems ages away. Thanks.

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  • Hiya Feta. I would go back to your GP & explain as you have here as you're taking a step backward at the moment. If they're making you feel spaced out it's affecting your daily life & judgement that's rubbish. I guess you'll not be confident in much feeling like that & if it's not helping the pain & making you feel like this there's no point taking it. If he's prescribed it to help you sleep perhaps an alternative would be a low dose amitriptyline (10mg) short term. Both my h & myself were prescribed it after suffering whiplash, we both have back issues, & found it helped at the time. It should help you sleep as used this way it acts as a muscle relaxant & we took it as prescribed a few hours before going to bed so no effects during the day if you're unfortunate enough to have any. If I'm honest, we still have some left & take one when I'm having a bad flare & can't sleep through the pain.

    Hope this helps & you feel at least a little better soon.

  • Hi Feta. I agree with nomoreheels. Diazepam is sometimes prescribed for severe back pain to calm painful muscle spasms in the back. Another commonly prescribed alternative is Methocarbamol 750mg tablets. Worth discussing with you GP if Diazepam hasn't given you any relief. Good luck!

  • Hi, I can also recommend amitriptylin 10 mg as a muscle relaxant. I have also taken zopiclone as a sleeping aid, much more effective than diazepam I have found.

    Hope you get some relief soon. M x

  • I have ankylosing spondylitis and before it was diagnosed I had horrendous back spasms that stopped me sleeping as well as causing a lot of problems with trying to walk or move at all. I was also given diazepam, and it really did very little as it wasn't getting to the root of the problem. In fact, for me, it was NSAIDs that made the difference, as they stopped the inflammation that was causing the back spasms.

    If you aren't getting good results from your current treatment, either try and contact the rheumatologist or rheumatology clinic yourself and let them know what is going on, or ask your GP (fairly firmly!) to contact the rheumatologist for you.

  • I would think you should have an X ray on your back or be referred to an physiotherapist. I would push for the former in particular as I expect that is what your consultant would want to do as well.

  • Thank you all for the replies. I have tried amitriptylin in the past and I'm afraid it also really knocked me out. I am not going to take any more Diazepam but will just stick to the NSAIDs, although they don't seem to have any effect either. I just hate's really not me at all but right now I'm feeling at my wits end. I am seeing Rheumy in July and will definitely ask for an X-ray. I am wondering whether there is any connection between back pain and RA so think this would be best course of action. . Onwards and upwards eh? Why has the fatigue kicked back in so severely though? Is it because that's our bodies reaction to pain? I really appreciate being able to be honest with you all...I hate complaining to my family and friends!

  • It's most likely related to the pain & inflammation. I know it's glib to say but try not to stress as that can add to the fatigue too. Your meds could also be adding to it as can lack of sleep because of the pain. This is all part & parcel of RD I've learnt & I now listen to my body & rest up when I feel I need to as there's little point fighting it you'll only feel worse. I fight it sometimes when I want to get get something done & my h tells me to go to bed as he recognises the signs & knows I'll be worse if I don't! One of the best bits of wisdom my first lovely consultant gave me was if I'm tired lie down & if you're body needs it it will fall asleep to replenish itself. (Actually it was an old Spanish saying he quoted but that's the nearest I can explain in English!!).

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