in response to everyones body parts to sylvi and my blog yesterday see link

well you people did us well not so well with the body parts which person on here is responsible for the rear end they donated i want their name!!!!!!

i have tried to get on the bike this morning and i cant get on the seat properly

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  • Love it!!!!!! :) :) :)

  • That's so funny...

  • That's gross! But it really mad me laugh!

  • Should have got a Hond Goldwing John. Nice big seats on them!!!

  • god I never looked like that on back of a bike.. my helmet has gone in loft

  • lol, you are not the only one, he he

  • Hey John - I never put you down as a cross dresser - what's happened to your head? - but frankly my ars*!

  • who ever said you didnt have a sence of humour

    we had a good laugh with it and thats what counts in it

    regards john xx

  • Where did you manage to get that picture of me!! Love it x

  • Hey john you have brought a smile to my lipsxx

  • how did my picture get on the internet!!!!! lol xx

  • and hey Minka and his sense of humour are back John , loving it xx

  • hi alanha when your back was bad did you get bad cold feet or what did you have in problems in theleg areas can you tell me cause i dont know where its comming from these blue then cold feet realy hate it

  • This blog was great and the picture is brill.


  • Well done John, the pictures brill, it made laugh Ann

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