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What Happened to my New Blog??

What Happened to my New Blog??

As I promised yesterday, I wrote a blog, for about 2.5 hours , with research, about the Anti-Inflammatory properties of various foods. Had them listed as Veg's, Fruits; Dairy, Proteins, etc.

It's gone!!!! I even added a picture of greens to go with it. I previewed it, hit publish and it all went away!!!

I can't stay any longer to do any more today, maybe later tonight. Now it's nap time.

Strange how this has been a week of disappointment, frustration, plus the usual aches and pains and immobility!

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Oh Loret

That;s so frustrating when it happens!

Enjoy your nap and blog again when you're up to it.

Hope next week is a lot better for you

Take care

Julie xx


Thanks Julie, think I will get to bed and continue tomorrow!


Hi Loret

It might be worth contacting the admin to see if it got blocked by mistake. There might be some sort of automatic anti-advertising checker that scooped it up and hid it somewhere (you can tell that technology is not my strong subject).

If you click on "Directory" up above you'll go to a page where on right hand side it says Bloggers/Volunteers/Admin/NRAS. Click on Admin & you'll get the list. Click on one of them & you can send them a message to get back your blog. We want to read it! Px


Thanks Polly, It was fun to do, and really didn't have everything I could have had in it. I will follow your directions and see what I can accomplish.

I can do it again, of course, just hope I won't need to.

Maybe it was too long? Though not much more than some of my usual ones. :)


Geeees what a waste of time that was ... hopefully you will find out what happened will be very interested to read it ..

Debs xx


Thanks Deb, I was a bit disgusted after all that time, and my back needed to get into the horizontal position, whether I slept or not.

Apparantly, it's not unheard of to have that happen?

I will try to get it re-posted in the morning, as it is now 11:15pm. I will follow Polly's directions above and see what I can do. xx Loret


Next time make sure that you get it saved/copied before you click on publish - you poor thing that's happened to me before - ggrrrrrrr! TTx


Thanks everybody, for all your help, support and advice and encouragement.

Looks like this blog got published twwice and the origianl one is in the netherlands.

I will do it again, soon as feeding time is over..the laundry machines, the dishwasher and , the cat :)


yes, don't you forget to feed your beautiful maine coon....Px


Oh ,she doesn't hesitate to remind me of that! Have to do that even before I make the coffee. She's had her breakfast and her morning nap, and is now telling me it's time to get out of here and go do fun stuff! yeah right. L.


The internet is odd isn't it, I've just come in from the not-quite-so-fun stuff (getting pneumoccal jab) and am settling down for my afternoon tea. And you're just heading out after morning coffee half a world away.....


I find that so neat, so awesome, that all of you, a half a world away, are doing pretty much the same things we do here, with some interesting differences, and you are a half day ahead of me!

It seems as if all of you could easily be here in the same block! Now wouldn't that be a heck of a gab fest? It is so impressive that everyone is so supportive and encouraging as we share this nasty bit of genetic makeup! We are also sharing this dark, dreary, cold, windy, miserable weather, which of course only stirs up the synovial fluid in the joints and gives us more to moan about:)

It is now 4 pm and I guess You people are all settling down for a "long winter's nap". Sleep well and be rested. I will be composing the blog again.


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