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Further to my post yesterday. I've been discharged!

So yesterday I got a second opinion and the diagnosis was changed from anti-ccp positive RA to fibromyalgia. I think this is to do with money as I've failed on four dmards. Well he has recommended I be discharged from rheumatology completely. I have no rheumatology issues and my GP can manage fibromyalgia.

How can this happen? How can you be told you have blood positive RA and be treated for a year and then suddenly discharged and told not to darken their doors again?

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Can you contact NRAS for help?

Really sorry.

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I would ask for a second opinion as I wouldn't be happy with that treatment either😡

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I am so bloody angry at the way you have been treated! Maybe the initial diagnosis was wrong, but how in heavens name can anyone determine that with properly examining you? And should at the very least give you a thorough explanation that answers all the points. Anti-CCP is 95% reliable for inflammatory arthritis, responding well to steroids also a sign. And the tender points in fibromyalgia are different from those in RA. Grrrr...

Somehow you have to turn your despair into anger and fight your corner since you have been badly let down. As others have said to your last post, amass all the information you can and push your GP, complain to the hospital and make as much fuss as you can. Do you have blood test results that show inflammation? Any imaging or ultrasound that shows erosions or inflammation? And if not ask your GP to do all these for you. Something is obviously wrong, and you must keep going until you get answers.

As for your family! Perhaps your husband would like to meet some of us down a dark alleyway so we could instruct him on appropriate behaviour to a partner in pain?


Well said Helix--- especially the "" huaband"" bit x


That is so awful. I know you might not feel like it, but fight, fight and fight some more. Terrible way to treat anyone x

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