Internet connection corrected!

Internet connection corrected!

Hi everyone! I feel like I just got out of jail!! Gosh it has been awful for most of the last month, not being able to do anything online. But, we downloaded several programs, and suddenly it's unlocked!

My shoulder really is alot better, except for reaching up to put dishes away. I really am toying with the idea of postponing the surgery. On the other hand, I guess now would be better for recovery than in the heat of summer!

Tommorrow is the Caardiac Stress test. I learned my doctor heard a murmur and thought I should get checked before having anesthesia. Had an Echocardiogram yesterday and bunches of lab work, then the Cardio Scan to get pictures of the heart, with radioaactive substance to highlight it all. So if any one remarks about how I am just "glowing" today, that's why :)

Tomorrow is the actual chemical stress test, as Allanah described. If they don't make me have a heart attack, I will pass the test. So, will let you all know how it goes :) Loret xx

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  • Hi Loret

    Not sure what i would do without the internet, be like chopping my arm off so i can sympathise when youve been offline for that long.

    Sods law that your shoulders feeling better before your op but like you say its better to recover in the summer (hopefully we have one)

    Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow, i'll be thinking of you.

    Take care



  • Wonderful to have you back Loret! and good luck with the stress test - it sounds like the witches test of the Middle Ages - "if they don't sink and drown then they must be a witch and we'll burn 'em instead"?! Sincerely hope you survive it. Tilda xx

  • Nice to "see" you again... I'm sure the glow must be thought of your French man returning to you, rather than chemically induced. Take care tomorrow. Polly x

  • welcome back xx

  • Great to see you back....

  • Loretta sending you my love for your test in the morning. I am so pleased that you have your computer is now sorted. As jo has said without my laptop i would be lost and i wouldn't know what to do except use the big thing ustairs. Love

  • Wow! Thanks to all of you for welcoming me "home" :) And for the well-wishes for my stress test tomorrow. Sylvie, this IS the big thing.....set up in a corner of my room, with the scanner/copier/printer connected, and , at the moment, way too much papers and notes and notebook for me to dispense with, covering the desktop! One is the new Gardening How to Magazine, encouraging me to plan what I will plant this year! Til the morrow...

  • Good luck today, don't get too stressed over it lol xx

  • Lol :) nah, I don't think I am, but thanks for the early morning humour

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