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Who is a stupid girl then( i know i hoping you will al think i'm still a girl)


Well this might be a longish post as i have a couple of things to share.

The first is because of the title of this post. Yesterday i went down the hospital in the afternoon and i even got my son to take me as well. I booked in and was told to sit down. Any way 15mins after my appt time i went to check to see what was going on and they couldn't find me and they would find out what was going on and they came back to tell me my appt. was for today not yesterday. What a fool am i . i looked at my diary and thought it was yesterday not today. |Well we had a good laugh if nothing else. My son also got a break from his wife who is trying to get the new home sorted out as they have moved in. Don't get me wrong she is lovely,but like me she wants everything done yesterday,bless her. He went and picked her up to come to our house for their dinner and everyone was happy.

Now my second part. I wish i could be able to post what i want to share with you from f/book,but i don't know how. I have seen an post on there about putting soap between the bottom sheet and the mattress cover to aid restless legs and it helps me sleep a whole lot better. I know it sounds daft doesn't it,but i can assure it it works. I saw it last Tuesday and i have been doing it every since. I have slept better,my eyes look better not many bags and dark eyes either. It doesn't matter what sort of soap you use as long as you unwrap it and put it in your bed. It has also allowed me todo some housework as well. I still have to rest between jibs,but i have done things. If anyone wants my f/book name message me and i you can see it. I promisse you it has worked for me.

Hugs to all and have a good day.

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Hi Sylvi, I wouldn't worry about it I've done it with my nurses appt for checking bloods twice , it must be the brain fog I thought I was losing my marbles

Hospitals gain- they get to see you twice- lol.

At least they will know you tomorrow.!

Glad you gave found something for the restless legs.Amazing something so simple can have such an effect but so glad it does it for you.

Take care hope all goes well at at your appointment.



stupid you aint ,sexy beautiful, gorgeous,wonderful, I could go on but some might say I am flattering you lol.

sylvi in reply to craigsif

WHat are you after darling. lol.xxxxx


That's a new one. Soap between matress and your sheets?

sylvi in reply to Hidden

It works for me darling.xxxx

Hidden in reply to sylvi

I just messaged you. I gotta see it :)

sylvi in reply to Hidden

Have replied,do you in Ontario,if so i have sent you a reguest.xxxx

Hi sylv, your post made me giggle, when I was a little girl,I remember my mum telling me that to get rid of bed bugs,you get a bar of wet soap,dive out of bed and rub it over the matress,the little buggers get stuck to it,may I add we never had bed bugs,but I hope your soap in the bed continues to work,does anyone else recall being told this? x

Drinking tonic water also works for restless legs in bed x

Yes Sylvi I saw that on FB too. And I have tried it, only about a week now, but don't know if its working yet, but no harm done so I have left the bar of Imperial Leather between sheet and mattress to see if it works. Does sound daft but Hey Ho give it a go. !!

The soap is supposed to give off ions - that's what makes it work.

sylvi in reply to Martinilady

Well i am certainly sleeping better.xxxxx

Hello Sylvi. I turned up an hour early at the hospital and found it all shut up. I hadn't realized I was early until someone came out and told me. So don't feel silly. You and your son got to spend time together! Take care.

Cas xx 💜

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