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My feet are killing me!

I went to our company Graduation Ceremony last night. It was held in a smart London hotel and I was determined to dress to impress. I haven't worn a dress and heels for about 2 years. Swollen ankles, painful feet and heels are not a good combination.

But last night I wore a knee length evening dress and heels and I loved it! I got loads of compliments and I felt great.

All this has been made possible by, finally getting my RA under control. So thank you mtx, hydroxy, codeine, paracetamol, my GP, rheumy team..... We will win and stop letting this awful disease determine what I can and cannot do/wear/feel/think.

Of course today my feet are killing me and I am tired but last night I felt like me again.


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Glad you had a lovely time, now rest and try putting your feet in a bowl of cold water to try and ease the swelling i'm sure that you have. Plenty of rest for you today girl. It is lovely to feel normal even if it is only for one evening. I can't remember when i felt like that. Hope you took photos of your evening, if so get one blown up and put in a frame to remind you of a night when ra didn't interfere with your life.When you look at it you can smile and enjoy the glow from that night.

Sylvi. xx


that is fantastic Carol, i love hearing when treatment is working, gives me so much hope. You certainly won against the ra last night - hope there are many more victories to come.

I am sure you looked beautiful so put your feet up today and relax - i am not even out of bed yet.


So pleased you enjoyed your eve , its these things that make us feel that bit like our old selves , even if we pay for it later as we usually do ..

Hope you can manage a few more up to and over xmas. I am going ot a 50th next week and have trying on dresses , like you not worn one for years, but that due to rubbish legs with big mark left after a leg ulcer but the trend in those black tights, mmm now if only can get them on lol, Now rest, with a smile .,


Carole, I know just how you felt last night. Normal, pretty and darn proud of it!! I had that experience a month ago at my eldest son's wedding. Paid for it the next couple days, but it was worth it, every time someone came to me and said how lovely, or stunning, etc.

The Black tights are IT! I wore them with my navy blue lovely dress, the secret to getting them on is to make sure you are totally dry after the shower, turn a fan on and get cooled down. roll them on and then....don't take them off for days! Just in case you get a chance to wear them again :)

It is a wonderful memory and make sure you post a picture on the refrigerator to remind you what is possible, if only one night at a time . Loret


Fantastic news,, and I bet you looked a million dollars xx



I am glad you went and had a good time. Sometimes we have to do these things in order to feel good about ourselves, even if we have payback at a later date - its worth it at times.

Hope you can party hard over the chrimbo period.

Sci x


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