Ooh my aching feet

So recently my feet have become increasingly painful. Probably not helped by the 8hr shift I work on a Sunday in the local shop where I'm unable to sit down at all. I discussed my sore feet with the specialist nurse last week and she advised me to get some good quality shoes and wear them at least 80% of the time. Anyway I bit the bullet and looked online at the Hotter shoes after hearing them mentioned on here a few times. I was impressed to find they do a clearance range and got two pairs delivered for under £60. What bliss!!!! Today I walked my dogs in a brand new pair and not a blister in sight. I know these shoes aren't cheap but at last my feet are breathing a sigh of relief. I've taken a photo to share but can't work out how to upload it as I think the file is too big.

Paula x

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  • Nearly all my shoes have moved over to Hotter, more so now that one has opened up in Epsom, before I had to travel to Chichester to purchase them or on line. I agree it's bliss for your burning aching feet. I also love the fact that if you purchase on line they send you shoe horns as well, I now have them in the luggage for holiday, left one at my parents caravan and have two at home one a long handle (bought that one) and a short handle one.

  • Well George I'm gutted that I never received a shoe horn now Grrrr!

  • Oh yes scouser. Also they're the first shoes I've had with removable insoles so I can wear my "special" inserts for my arches :-)

  • I'm all for comfort these days.xxx

  • Great news on the shoes comfort is first!!, x

  • AHHHHHH have to say clarks are my favourite. For me hotters are hell xx

  • Yes, I also use Hotter shoes and sandals. Very comfortable and I tend to buy them in the sale as they are expensive otherwise but hey ho, your feet are important and need taking care of. I also visit the chiropodist every 6 weeks and he takes care of callouses, corns, hard skin etc and makes them comfortable again. I do find I have gone from a C to a D fitting to get the extra room particularly with my wonky toes which are waiting to be operated on.

    I agree with Miss, Clarks are also very good and I have some pairs of those as well. Also Van Dal shoes are very stylish and comfortable. Whatever rows your particular boat I should think! LavendarLady x

  • Hello Paula and everyone else,

    I'm two days late for this line of conversation, but just wanted to add my little bit. I too have painful feet and I've been wearing Hotter shoes for 2 years now and much as my first choice of shoe would be a nice pair of feminine stilettoes I know those days are long gone. My husband has just treated me to 2 new pairs of Hotter shoes and I just love the comfort they provide. I haven't heard of Van Dal shoes, but I must have a look for them online. I hope you have the same relief too Paula. June xx

  • I live in fit flops,expensive but the most comfortable sandals,boots I have ever worn,feel like I'm walking on sponge.my balls of feet were in excruciating pain but I now live in these and experience none,unless I forget and start walking in my hardwood flooring lol !!! I also have padders slippers,comfort all the way !!!!!! Michelle xxx

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