Found some Walking Boots!

Just to update all those who gave me advice on extra wide and comfy walking boots - last Saturday I went out on a boot mission and finally found some at "Go Outdoors" in Saltney, nr. Chester. The staff there were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I tried many pairs on, finally settling on a brand called "Hi Gear" which is their own brand. They were very comfortable and had the width across the widest part of my foot that I was looking for.

They are not leather boots (I find these have no give which I need for comfort) but are waterproof.

As a plus, we joined their discount club (£5 a year) and got 70% off the boots!!

So, yesterday was my first outing in them - my country walk of 3-1/2 miles and they were very comfy and the culprit callous that had caused me so much pain was fine, no problem at all.

Can heartily recommend this store if you have one near you. Thanks to everyone for the advice and hints.

Lynn xx

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  • Lynn well done girl i am so pleased for you. My son has a card for go outdoors and he gets a lot of stuff round there when he is getting ready to go travelling. xxx

  • that's great...hope you get loads of use of of them. I'll have a look at where else they're located. Polly

  • I've had problems with my feet for a few years now and have some very comfy boots. One other thing the shop sold me were shock aborber insoles. I bought my first pair about five years ago and now can't live without them. If they don't have them in a shop near you, you can get them online. Franbie

  • Thanks for that. I have to wear orthotic inserts in all my shoes, another reason I need slightly wider boots, so I dont think I'd have room for shock absorbers as well. But its a great hint for anyone who doesnt have the orthotic ones.

    So far, my new boots are great.


  • Good to hear that you found a pair that you can walk. I am really jealous as I can't walk to far now, and would love to go back to Crummock Water in the Lake District, it's the only place that I have found where I just stand/sit and the stresses of the 21C just ebb away and feel lovely and refreshed afterwards. Have a lovely time walking. xxx

  • Thanks Georje. I also love the Lake District, we have been twice in the last 2 years and both times did a lot of walking. Because of boots, bunions, achilles problems and general arthritic pain, I've decided the distance I used to attempt is too much for me as a lot of the walks were stoney and/or uneven underfoot, and after one walk I was almost crippled!!! Last year was not as bad but way too far for me and a bit too arduous so next time we will look at more flat, even and "firm under foot" walks. Don't know Crummock Water - whereabouts is it? We always stay in Windemere at the same B&B which is fabulous and then drive around to different areas. We also love to eat so take advantage of the great restaurants there.

    I will walk as much as I can, while I can, I feel lucky that I can still do it. I hope you get the most out of the walks you can do, just check all the walks out and pick one that is more gentle and manageable.


  • thanks for the feedback. I shall be checking out the boots & appreciate the info x

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