Warm, comfy, winter boots?


Can anyone recommend some really toasty, comfortable winter boots? My hands and feet suffer in even moderately cold weather and sitting at a football match today, my feet were killing me. At the end of the match it felt like I was walking on nerve endings. :(



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  • Hi Roz

    I think cosy feet are worth a looking at, do wide fitting and have cushion foot beds

    look online

  • Hi

    Thanks - will have a look.

  • Hello Roz

    i have just treated myself to a pair of Blue Sheepskin Hotter boots they are fab/perfect for all this freezing cold weather,and so comfortable I have Arthritis in my feet and need something really cosy, the best thing was I got them half price, just Google Hotter Boots clearance Sale.

    Price£99 reduced to £49 Lots of various prices,they are similar to UGG Boots But a lot more affordable,Very good quality,hope you find something as comfortable .

    good luck Pat

  • I got a lovely pair from Lidll of all places great in snow.. snug and cosy with welly quality soles. thermal and wool substitute lined only about £20.00, These are half calf length.

    cotton traders do some too but dearer and heavier

  • Hi I have this problem too,have terrible pains in my feet,brought hotter boots,sheepskin lined but still not enough cushioning underneath for me so I still feel pain,I tried on my friends snow boots today,which were much better but my left foot still hurt !! I keep paying out money for boots but will try cosy feet.this is my main problem when going out comfy cushioned footwear,I wear legging a lot so boots are the best for me,will keep looking !! Xx

  • Shell - I'm the same, I've paid out a fortune trying to find winter walking shoes/boots for my achilles problem. Finally got some Grisport shoes in desperation after reading good reviews but, even then, had to put an orthotic inner sole in to lift the heel before I could walk in them without pain.

    But I had them on today at the game with a pair of sealskinz socks and my feet were freezing. I've been Googling neoprene lined wellies - there are some which are supposed to be very warm but also very expensive.

    Will have a look at the Hotter ones. Thanks all.

  • I got some ella boots and the ave good non-slippy soles ad are toasty.

  • I swear by fitflop shoes and boots. They have soft, padded, shaped inner soles and are brilliant. For smarter outings I like the shoes and boots that Evans clothes shops sell. They go up to a EEE fitting and I am really comfy in them all day. My husband is so pleased I am not bitching about my feet as much that he has turned a blind eye to the 3 pairs of their boots and 2 pairs of fitflop boots I have just got!! Virge



    you will be supprised when you have worn shoes all day how much sweat has gone in them

    then when you put your shoes back on you are warming up moist damp in your shoes from the other day and this is what causes problem also it says

    when you put them near the boiler they dry out over night.

    just try holding one of you shoes or trainers you have had on near the fire and see the damp from inside comming off DID ON MINE i was supprised

    hope this is of help also

    regards john

  • Try the Go Outdoors store and look at the snow boots. As one who fished for years in the UK in arctic conditions you want to make sure you get boots with a very thick sole. This insulates you from the cold ground as thats where most of your cold comes from. Thick (fake fur) lining or padded side lining. Waterproof (most important). Buy the boots at least one size too big so you can put on 2 or 3 pairs of socks. 2 thin, one thick LONG boot socks. Wool, not thin nylon. Believe me I have sat on cold river banks for hours and stood on freezing touchliines with the kids and been fine.

  • Thanks for all your helpful suggestions! Food for thought.

    I did have some lovely Keen Hoodoo boots - soft leather, furry lined and really well supported underneath but I couldn't wear them as they pulled on my achilles too much so had to sell them.

    I'll stick with the Grisports now for walking the dog as they are fine as long as I keep moving but will look at snow boots or sheepskin boots for sitting at the footie.

    Minka - I don't have an airing cupboard or anything, just a boiler on the kitchen wall but I could leave them on the floor by the radiators, I guess. A street sweeper once told me he put plastic bags round his feet to keep them warm in winter. I wonder if that works!

  • I did that as a child and I'll be 56 on friday!

    Mum used to save the bags from 5lb of potatoes and we'd put one on each foot before putting our wellies on.



  • Having had very bad rheumatoid feet for many years I finally found UGGs, they are expensive but they have been the best boots I have ever worn. I have now had lots of surgery on my feet so they are not as bad this year but I still have nodules under the ball of the foot and the sheepskin inner is so soft it stops the pain.

  • I agree,it's uggs for me boots & gloves. I've had my boots,which I got in the sale,for a couple of yrs now & their great,good investment.

  • Uggs every time I have three pairs and live in them, wish they did them in cout shoes :-)

  • I'm just about to but fitflops boots as have many shoes in this design and in summer don't feel any pain as so comfy and spongy,so 4 th attempt its now fit flops lol xx

  • Genuine Uggs are a more than I can stretch to, really. I found some 'Just Sheepskin' boots being sold unworn on Ebay. I made an offer of less than half their retail price that's been accepted so will see how I go with those for now :)

  • Have you tried rocketdog boots my hubby got me a pair three years ago and I've just ordered another pair don't be put off with site there r biker boots on there scrool down and you will see the fur lined boots hope this helps. Love Karen x

  • Thanks - wouldn't be put off by biker boots! If I could wear anything like that I would :)

  • THERMO MUCK BOOTS are my suggestion. I have a pair there great for comfort warmth and you wont get grips like these on wellies. If you do buy a pair buy a pair in a size smaller than you would normally cos I bought a size 7, there way too big for me, so I bought a size 6 and there perfik,

    Size 7 are more a size 8 so if you know anyone who wants these brand new long thermo muck boots ? let me know hahahahah a bit of cheeky advertising xx

    Good luck xx

  • Do you mean the Original Muck Boot Company? I know from reading online people have rated the Derwent boots highly but others say the grip on some of them isn't good.

  • Just reading this is making my feet itch I have a pair of boots that I have worn about 6 times in about 10 yrs I cannot bare shoes or boots my feet are so hot most of the time I will say I have a couple of pairs of loafers that I bought for after knee replacment But I will recommend flyflot clogs and flipfops they are very soft and mould to your feet


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