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Desperate for walking boots with a square toe box. all my toes are the same length and foot quite wide but narrow heels. Can anyone HELP!

Have tried more walking boots than hot dinners and am fed up with buying 3 sizes too big just to accommodate my 4th toe. All I need is a boot with a nice square and roomy toe box, wide across the ball of the foot and a snug fit at the heel. Bar (germany) make a boot that will fit but it is very expensive (am resigned to this) but not waterproof and quite heavy - they have also just let me down with an order. Is there anything else out there for me? Men's boots don't come small enough for me as feet size 4.5

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Thanks Scouser - I have discounted Hotter to date as they seem to have a sloping outer edge - but will re assess them - they also come in wide too I think - might be worth ordering.


I was going to suggest mens boots until I saw your size, as that is what I always used to have to get. But, would boys style boots be better than women's ones?


Thank you earthwitch - I wondered about boys boots but got confused by the sizing - I will see if I can find a store with a good selection and take a deep breath and GO SHOPPING.


I found a pair of Brasher Supalite men's walking boots in a sale that are great, as wide enough at the front for me and very, very light but with a good sole that grips well. Expensive when full price, but the I tried them in a shop and then waited until a good offer came up on the Internet. Maybe they do something similar in a boys style? Polly


Thank you Polly - I will look at the Brasher's. To date I havent found aweb site that shows the shape of the toe, but as above I might have to find a store and try them on.


I wear Brasher Hillmaster myself when I am up visiting my parents and have a chance to visit the lake district. Brasher boots are quite wide and high at the toe. I have noticed that some of the new range of Brasher boots aren't so high and roomy in the toe area. Helixhelix is right you should check them out.

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Thanks munchkin I will definitely check out Brasher boots although you are correct - my sister (same shaped feet) got very over excited when she found some Brasher boots with the right shape square toe, but when her size came in the toes were pointy again - disappointing.


Hello Rosie!

I have been wearing KEENS Targee... The come in a low or mid cut style depending on where you need ankle support. Additionally they have a wide-ish full width toe guard.

These are god for everyday walking but useless on more extreme surfaces and when in town be careful on marble in the wet.

Widely available via the Internet so you can try in a shop before buying on the net.

Hope this helps, kind regards,



Thank you Tun - I agree Keens Targee are great and I thought I had found my boots. I had in the toe department however I had to return them as they continually rubbed one ankle raw despite much padding with blister plasters. I was very sad. luckily Webtogs.com have the most magnificent customer service policy and took them back As you say they are also slippery on wet rocks which makes fell walking a bit of an additional challenge.


Thank you everyone for your very prompt and helpful responses, I will check out all suggestions and let you know how I get on.



HI Once being an avid mountain hiker I've been though quite a few boots!! I have a 2nd toe that is longer than my big toe so like you need a boot to accommodate that. Have you been to specialist outdoor walking shops? Not sure where you are in the country but Cotswolds; Snow & Rock, Ellis Brigham, all have stores in many towns. Just don't go to places like Blacks, Millets & Go Outdoors as you won't get the staff who know about boot fitting!

I have worn Hanwag boots for a long time (I've also had foot surgery & a knee replacement) they are expensive but worth paying out for.

I'm also a great fan of Keen shoes, boots & sandals as I think they give great support.

It is wort paying more for boots as once you find a comfortable one they will last for years!


Thank you PaulineS - I will check out Hanwag boots, Keen boots dont do it for me although they are very good value and nice and wide. I am, as I write, home testing a pair of Brasher superlight active boots which have plenty of wiggle room for ALL toes but they are not super wide. thanks again


Asolo walking boots are great and well worth the investment.


Thank you Samjam - I will also check out Asolo walking boots - at this stage in the game I would pay anything for something that worked for me.


Thank you to everyone for your helpful responses - I feel slightly encouraged now. I went to Fox's outdoor at Amersham this morning (very helpful and knowegable) and am quietly hopeful that the Brasher Superlite Active (£130) might be OK but will definitely check out the two latest makes of boot, neither of which I have heard of before. For the record these are my findings so far on walking boots only:-

Keen nice and wide and a square toe box but slippery in wet conditions and the collar is bit rough and stiff and could cause blisters

Meindl beautiful boots and they do an extra wide fitting - however they would only be suitable if you have sloping toes - if all toes the same length, sadly dont bother, (about £170 - but worth it if they fit)

Bar Treviso(online only in the UK) very good quality, nice and wide, but not waterproof and a bit heavy. expensive at £254 but only suitable if your 4th toe is shorter than your first toe.

I also tried, amongst others, Karrimor and Scarpa they were all impressive, nice and wide but all had a deep but sloping toe box so would not suit my duck feet.

thank you all again.


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