Extra Wide Walking Boots?

Hi - I go on 3 mile country walks wearing proper walking boots. I have orthotic inserts that I use in them. But one foot has a bunion and my feet are wide anyway. The bunion foot is causing a problem as it rubs against the boot and causes painful calluses (sp?) - I have trolled the internet to look at extra wide fitting walking boots but wondering if anyone has experience of this or similar and/or any recommendations of where to look. I wear Hotter shoes most of the time and get extra wide but any hints on walking boots would be most welcome.

Lynn x

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  • Hi. I have bought a pair of men's walking boots, and a size bigger too. With thick soft socks they feel OK. It seems men have wider feet than women.

  • Hi Lynn, I do lots of walking too with my dogs so have to wear comfortable walking boots. Personally I like Gri Sports ladies walking boots and they feel comfortable on my feet. I think you live near me so I don't know if you've tried Great Outdoors on Sealand Rd. They have lots of boots on display for you to try. Here's a link with the address greatoutdoorsdirect.co.uk/t...

    Paula x

  • Thansk Phoebe and Paula -

    Yes, I know Great Outdoors - I bought a pair there a while ago and was thinking of going back to see if they have extra wide ones. I will look at Gri Sports boots and Phoebe, I had thought about men's boots once but wasnt sure that would work, so thanks for the info. and I may well try that. Hubby has HUGE WIDE feet so perhaps I should borrow his.

    Many thanks ladies. will let you know how I get on.

    Lynn x

  • If you buy from Hotter have you seen the Spring Catalogue? There are quite a few walking boots in there. Other than that the only place I have bought walking boots from are the Outdoor Shops and in the Lake District. I normally allow myself a couple of hours to be able to try out all the boots in the shop, before I am satisfied.

  • Hi - yes, I have the catalogue and am going to have a look. Because of tendonitis in my achilles (exacerbated by RA) I have to put the orthotic inserts in and Hotter always has removable inserts that leave room to do this. Cos of the bunion and wide feet and also the foot is bigger than the other one anyway, I could do with one shoe in one size and one in a half size bigger!!! I agree you need to spend some time trying them all on, so I will gather all the info. you have all kindly given me and take it from there. Watch this space................

    Thanks Georje


  • I have quite wide feet generally and always used to go for men's walking boots. They just seemed to fit me so much better, though my feet are also long enough to fit the smaller mens sizes. If you need any special shoe though, its well worth buying them from somewhere you can be fitted properly by someone who understands footwear properly, and resist the temptation to go the easy way and buy online.

  • I'll be interested to see what suggestions people have, as my favourite walking boots are finally collapsing. A huge shame as they are so well worn and are now very soft and have stretched so fit my knobbly RA feet and orthotics. I did try buying a pair of men's boots as all the women's ones were too narrow and hurt my feet, but it was a huge waste of money as although they were comfortable at the front they were the wrong shape for the rest of my feet so I slipped around in them very uncomfortably. So they are now on a shelf and I'm back using they old slightly leaky ones! It would be great not to have wet feet anymore.....Polly

  • Thanks so much for all the advice and info. I think I will visit a few places and take my timetrying them on. You never know until you've worn them a while if they are truly comfy but I think taking time and trying them on is the key. I have boots now that are really comfy except for the bunion foot - Regatta brand and they are great but for the rubbing on the one foot. I want to keep walking but this is putting me off as my foot was fine recently with not walking a long distance for a couple of months (for various reasons!). So its definitely the lng walk in the boots that is doing it.

    I am very grateful for all the great advice and info. from everyone.

    Lynn xx

  • I had wide feet anyway before they started warping from RA, I go for Karrimor boots as they are quite roomy, my current pair are my normal shoe size and easily fit my duff feet and my special orthotic insoles.

  • Many thanks for this. I will check them out. I have orthotic insoles that obviously means I need more room! I appreciate your advice.

    Looking for "the boots that are made for walking" !!!

  • I have recently found widerfitshoes.co.uk very comfy. They also have removeable inserts. My best walking boots were from Asolo range but I now find them too heavy to wear.

  • Many thanks, I will check this out.

    Oh for the days when we didnt have to worry about all this!


  • I don't know where you are in the country but this shop is fantastic for boots.

    peglers.co.uk/categories/Ou... they are not cheap but you pay for what you get. They "know" boots inside out, they visit the factories where boots are made & know the volume & fit of all the boots they supply.

    For years our family have been fairly serious walkers & buy out boots from here although we haven't for some years as they are such good quality they don't wear out!

    My husband has wide feet & also is diabetic so it's essential he gets properly fitted boots. Have a look on outdoor gear sites for reviews of walking boots,

  • Hi

    I also have extremely wide feet and went to Whalley Warm and Dry in Clitheroe to have my feet measured which was a really useful experience and my feet are about a EE or EEE fit, I walk up to 10 miles with the Ramblers. They said my feet alter by one and a half sizes when I stand up and at their widest Meindl comfort fit boots are fabulous for me. Before that I had Brasher leather supalite boots which another specialist shop ~Foothills in Sheffield widened for me as a free service though of course I also bought some Paramo clothing which I couldn't resist :)/ Do consider having your feet measured at one of those or a similar shop - they make orthotic insoles and specialise in chiropody problems for walkers. ~Good luck and happy walking, let me know how you get on if you like.


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