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Anybody got any good stretch mark remedies?

Since my steroids got increased i have gone up a few (cough cough) dress sizes and have developed stretch marks and burst veins. Has anybody got any creams or lotions they can recommend? The stretch marks are on my hips and the burst veins are just above my knees. Not very sexy so would like to get rid or at least reduce there appearance. Thanks everybody :-)

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bio oil is supposed to be good,i used it on my knee. My knee is still swollen so i couldn't tell,but it has faded it a bit. sylvi.xx


Seriously Marnie I really would not worry about them, you are a gorgeous young lady who has lots to deal with as it is, without starting to worry about stretch marks too There seem to be lots of so called miracle cures but in all honesty I think once you've got them there here to stay. Think of them as life lines. I got a few after my 10lb bouncing boy arrived and I don't care - actually they remind me of how lucky I am to have him, so I'm proud of them - does that sound weird! :)


Bio oil. Stretch marks fade in time. Don't worry about them Marnie concentrate on getting well.

I used Vitamin E oil thru my 3 pregnancies and I got very little stretch marks, but I think its genetics or luck of the draw. My sister in law was destroyed by them.

x Gina.


Hi babes

Bio oil is a defo but also vitamin E oil (body shop) and wheat germ oil (also body shop). I also agree with Mel though, i see stretch marks and scars as i sign i have lived.

Love Ella xx


Yeah, right. It's like grey hair! :) Loret


Bio oil hun, I have stretch marks on inner thighs which have improved with it, don't be fooled though they don't go altogether and I sometimes think just the regular massaging of the area is what helps more than the brand but it smells nice and doesn't leave you feeling oily. Xxx


I have used bio oil and also olive oil well rubbed in. My stretch marks have faded to a silvery line which you can hardly see unless really looking for them.

Don't worry about it Marnie but use the oils to help keep your skin nice and smooth and supple. Hope you are feeling much better now. LavendarLady x


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