Unsure whats happening feel like im no longer any good at work and at home

i think all this meds are getting me down, cant do things keep making stupid mistakes at work (someones got to notice soon) I come home all i want to do is burst into tears, go to sleep and not worry anymore except i cant sleep.went to hospital saw RA nurse said we can try different self injection (on etanercept).

dont know what to do, used to enjoy my job but not anymore pressure is getting to me before i could cope with it all but not now.

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no easy anwers lm afriad RA does that to you, give you days where you do evything & days where nothing , days where the painis bearable and times well when it really really sucks, talkin bout it helps, and another thing lv found , is listenin to my fav upbeat songs


hi Robert so sorry you are feeling so low,everyone from time to time goes through a bad phase,Things will get better it may take time to get your meds right.See your GP and tell him just how you really feel.Hope you are soon feeling better.Pat


Maybe a good idea to have a talk to your boss Robert? I know it might be hard to let on how vulnerable you are feeling in the workplace but having to keep up appearances and feeling overwhelmed by pressure is not at all good for your RA either? I really hope you can just be honest with GP and your colleagues or boss or someone at work who you feel will be supportive and that things improve for you very soon. Remember you're not alone. TTx


Robert,as others have said its natural to down with this disease. I have problems with my laptop,i find i think i am pressing one key an i find i have pressed another. Its the silly things that get you down. Talk to your boss and see what he says,maybe you can cut your hours,or modify them somehow. Like working earlier and finish earlier. I find that i get more done in the morning that any other time of day. This will pass i am sure of as soon as they get your meds sorted. I know this might sound daft to telling a man,but have you thought about keeping a daily diary of how you are feeling and what hurts and when. Also what jobs you can't or can do. I have found out that it clarifies my thoughts and it helps people who are looking after to gauge how i am doing. Robert it is ok to cry you know. You are not superman,you are a man with a very serious disease and it can fell you in a heartbeat.

So now you take care and try pacing a bit and see if that helps. Also try not to worry too much,also easier said than done.



Robert, I could have written this myself as I so understand this feeling. I think a lot of it has to do with confidence, and the pain and uncertainty of RA saps you of that big time. The biggest issue I find is that no-one, at work or elsewhere, seems to understand (except for my husband who sees me at my lowest). The word 'arthritis' trivialises what is a dreadful, evil disease (I feel it's on a par with cancer, but with no hope of a cure) that effects every area of your life and makes you feel incompetant and useless. It is little wonder that we struggle to maintain the life we once knew! This site is a refuge from all this, where everyone shares and understands what you're going through and even just reading others' posts gives you the strength to pick yourself up and soldier on.

I find that doing things you enjoy helps to balance things up a little, whether that's listening to music as Beaker says, or getting out in the fresh air, or planning something nice to do like a day out or short break away (pain, time and money allowing of course!)

I really do hope that you feel much better soon Robert.

Take care

Trish x


Hi, i hope u feel better today. I have been on all sorts of medication in the past year, and one of the side effects to most of the drugs ive taken are mood changes, i am i very emotional person and also suffer from depression i can cry to a tv program or an advert or if anyone says boo to me that sets me off.

Maybe you should talk to your GP and let them know exactly how u feel, i think talking to your boss may help also. If u do bottle it all up u may just explode!

Ive only been on this website a month or so and talking to everyone on here has helped me alot becuase u all understand, no one really understands unless they have been through it too.Chin up x


thanks to all really good advice to talk to people who REALLY know what life is like with this illness,i feel much better reading your comments knowing i am not alone,its really hard asking for help when you have always done things for yourself but i will,thankyou once again



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