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Exhausted...any remedies?

Hi everyone,

I've had RA for 15 years and FM for 18 months. I do quite well with my RA as it is usually well controlled with medication; the FM can be more unpredictable. I suffer from terrible exhaustion and although I am going through a flare up of my RA (and immune system lower than usual), I find I can manage the pain but the exhaustion is difficult to beat. I do have to be careful with my energy levels when not in a flare up but I find the exhaustion very unpredictable, especially at the moment.

I work full time and don't want to give that up, but I am off work at the moment.

Does anyone else suffer from this, even when not in pain/have inflamation and do you have any tricks you find work apart from just resting as its not always practical or works?

Thanks, Sian

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Yeah I'm exhausted too Sian and not in much pain at all. In my case I'm currently off the meds so it could be the RA resurfacing but then in your case it could be the Fibro adding to this horrible exhaustion too could it not? I know they say pace yourself don't they? never learned how exactly to do this but is there any chance you could go part time because working full time is probably contributing to the fatigue and worrying about being off work now even more so? Tilda xx


Hi Sian,

Exhaustion, full time work and RA seem to go hand in hand. Learning to pace oneself, is an art I have never really learned, but have been told to by doctors, a million times over. Try not too pack too much into one day, and take small rests, with feet up as often as you can. My hosp., offered a cd of relaxation lessons, which I tried but I'm always fighting to try to keep busy with something. Not much help, but feel for you, take care.



Hi, when you have your monthly blood test do they test vitamin D? I had the same problems and my vit D was really low so now I also take prescription vit d tablets - too early to say if it is working yet though.



Sian so delighted to hear that you are still working full-time after having ra for 15 years, so encouraging.

I had got a herbal tonic a few weeks back as a pick me up but am not allowed to take it as there are a few herbs in there that will boost the immune system which the metx is trying to lower. I think Dels post regarding the vitamin d is quite a good start


Thanks everyone. I will ask the doctor about vitamin D - seems like a good thing to try. Thanks again xxx


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