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GP rang.....Never Got any real answers

Hiya, Got a call from a GP today, But it was a waste of time, The GP that i spoke to on Monday, that told me to come of meloxicam was not in, and my GP was on holiday, I ask for another GP to call me. When i explained to him about my results from the rheumy, And the telephone call i had on Monday, He said he has no record of either of them, He said at one point to start back on the Meloxicam, But i said, well that is defeating the object, As i have to be of it for 2 weeks so that i can have another blood test, And don't want to get to the point where again my meds are delayed. He told me well you know more than me........ He has said for me to carry on taking the full dose of Tramadol and paracetamol and he will leave a message for the GP who i spoke to on Monday to call me, But this won,t be for another two days....

What i don't understand is how comes my results were not on the screen from the Rhemy, Con siding the GP phoned me on Monday with them, And i have a copy at home,

The Question is, are our result not sent over by Email, and then pasted on to our notes,? but if they have been sent by post, ( Which i would of thought was unusual these days) should they not of been put on my notes by now?, If so it's a bit naughty,

So it looks like i will have to put up with this for a few more day to see what happens .

House works in on hold, Couldn't open a pint of milk again this morning, And hubby had to peel potatoes, The stiffness is not to bad but the soreness is, The GP today told me that the steroid injection should last 6 weeks, so where has mine gone?

It would be nice to hear what you think,

Hope you are pain free, Take care Shirl xxxx

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I get a copy of the letter that my consultant sends to my GP after I have seen him. It's more or less a summary of what we've talked about . At the end of the letter it states what medication I am taking, what investigations have been done at clinic that day, follow up appointments and then results, underneath it says...........available on Orion.

I assume that is something that the GP can log on to.

Different hospitals may have different systems.



Hi Shirley sorry you didnt get the answers you wanted from the GP its frustrating when you just want to know what to do. My local hospital has computerised results systems which some GP's can access electronically. My GP can access them but when I saw a locum he could not, Data protection allows people to have access but they have to go through a process and approval. Different hospitals have different systems and one of the NHS targets is to get more information available electronically and to share this information between different health professionals but as you can imagine this all takes time ( and money.)

I hope you get more answers on monday and that things start to settle down

gentle hugs crisxx


Thanks Cris ,Its so annoying when ever thing has to come down to money,

How are you today? I don't know if you have felt this before, But where my Wrist are so Sore, Every time i breath in or cough a little It feels like the pain run down my arms in to my veins, it's horrible.

Thanks anyway Hope you are feeling better, And have a pain free weekend xx


Yes, like cris I think it depends on how modernised your hospital & GP is. Mine do everything by letter still, and it can take ages for the letter to get to my file.

I'm presuming that you were told to come off the Meloxicam because they thought that this was the reason for your raised blood test on liver function? If so, ask the next GP you speak to whether there's anything else they could suggest that has an anti-inflammatory effect and wouldn't interfere with the blood tests.

If you have a lot of inflammation then the steroid may not be able to overcome all the pain/stiffness. And it also depends what dose you were given. But hope it all picks up next week. polly


Hi Helixhelix, thanks for the reply, i was given 120mg of the steroid injection, Which they will repeat on the 10th December, The next one will be in 4 weeks from the 10th, I am sure i have heard on here that some people have had 170mg. When i spoke to the GP today, i did mention was there another Anti inflammatory i could take,But he seemed really unsure ,I don't think he wanted to offer me anything until he had my notes But will defiantly ask on Monday.

Thanks xx


Hi - just writing this on board a ferry Leo sorry if type a bit poor as hands still stiff and using tiny screen. But wanted to say my rheumy writes to my GP and it usually takes about 4 weeks. The letters are typed by secretaries who are in very short supply these days apparently. He also has given my GP his email and recently I wanted to know about his decision to switch me to injections - on what basis was he convinced I still had active RA? My GP searched - no luck -and then explained that emails are personal to each GP and need to be pasted onto a patient's records which takes time - which GPs don't always have so the other GP had emailed while mine was away - hence not on my records! They have to send the main letter electronically via the main hospital NHS records because of patient confidentiality apparently. Maybe same for you? Naproxen or ibuprofen are good for me - is there a reason you can't take them? Tilda x


Thanks Tildat Ok I can see what you are saying, It could be the same at my GPs ,I can under that it is Confidentiality and why, So basically if it is the same, it wouldn't be worth me in the future speaking to another GP, until about 4 weeks after my GP has received my result if it has been sent by letter,

And if it has been sent by Email to her, It would only be her that would be able to Access it,But then if it had been sent by letter could he not of Spoke to the Secretary to find out if she had the letter to type?

Thanks for taking time to explain this to me.

As far as i am aware no i don't see any reason why i can't take Naproxen or Ibuprofen, the Ibuprofen i was on before i got Diagnosed my my GP,

I will see what my GP says on Monday.

Where youof to then some where nice i hope?

Have a great weekend shirl xx


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