A new group of superheroes has been formed - watch out!!

A new group of superheroes has been formed - watch out!!

The Arthriticky Five

With our capes of red

and a mattress in the van,

we try to help

wherever we can.

Fixing burst pipes,

finding lost dogs

we get dressed up

in our super hero togs.

If we need a quick nap

we can have a lie down,

because we're famous,

yes, we're renown.

There's Mary and Cece,

Debbie and me,

and Judy will join us

whenever she's free.

The Arthriticky Five

is who we are,

we don't travel fast

and we don't travel far.

We can't stretch much

and we can't bend,

but we will always

be good friends.

17 Replies

  • You will need to make it a bigger group, why am I not in ?

  • ;)

  • You can join for me Allanah, it was just an idea the Cece had. I'll have to write another poem and add you in. xxx

  • me too we could always shuffle by allanah on our tandem made for two....ha ha :-) :-)

  • I'm out then!

  • why's that Allanah?

  • I'm not honest enough lol

  • No you don't, Allanah!!! I'll be the manager since I can't get across ths big puddle fast enough to join in a run.. :)

  • Can I be a super hero? My car is red like the one in your post picture? Xx Virge

  • That is brilliant as always. I wish i could write poetry. Well done.xxxx

  • Not to be out done

    can I please join in the fun

    I've not written often,as I should

    But when I do I'm usually good.

    Go on please invite me in........

    if not I'll cause a terrible din..........ha ha......

    Well done to you poemsgalore

    you really know life's score

    It's up to us to do our best

    You really have set us a test

    Please please include all the rest....

    fond regards


  • Crikey, what good poets you are.

  • Fabulous as always Carole xx

  • Think we'll have to change the name to the Arthriticky mob or something. All you need to join (check this with Cece) is to have arthritis and have a good imagination. Let's see who can think up the best adventure for us. Oh blimey, have I just started a creative writing group????

  • like it!

  • Your poems are always fabulous keep em coming !!!xx

  • As I said on fb....I'll be right with you, just as soon as I can get my knickers over my trousers and these ice-cream cones down my bra. Wonder woman has a lot to answer for you know.


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