Hi everyone, Just thought I would let you know that I have just had phone call from the Rheumy nurse to say that the Rheumy will see me today at 2 o'clock in his day clinic. He will assess my knee and give me injection if that's what he thinks I need. Been in a lot of pain over weekend, can hardly put weight on leg. Here's hoping he can help!!!

Will let you know when I get back


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  • Hope it goes well for you...xx

  • Thank you you Sylvia, I hope he can do something to alleviate this pain.

  • Hi Jan

    I was diagnosed with RA in November 2011 and suffered severely with my left knee. They were always wanting to inject it with steroids but I refused as I'd heard mixed opinions on its efficacy. I got married this December just gone and really wanted to walk down the aisle and not hobble so I agreed to the injection. That was around the 4th December and I've not had any pain in my knee since. I've just started on enbrel also so fingers crossed it will stay pain free. Good luck and I hope it works for you x Donna

  • Hi Donna, I haven't been diagnosed with RA as of yet, I am hoping the Rheumy will have some results of the tests carried out last month e.g. Blood tests and X-rays and can give me a diagnoses of what is happening. Will let you all know the outcome.

    Does the injection hurt? I assume it does, but will do anything to get rid of this pain. Jan

  • Hello Jan.

    I can honestly say it didn't hurt like I expected it to hurt. They anesthetise it first and my Rheumatologist drained fluid from mine first then injected it but it really was not that bad. And the relief far outweighs the injection. I was told to rest my knee for 48 hours which I did and its been much better since. The only thing I can't do is kneel down on it as that still causes pain and discomfort x hope this helps x

  • Hope you gets something sorted x

  • Hiya, I'm wondering if they would consider giving me a injection in my right knee, my left one is not to bad, But my right knee gives way a lot and i having problems walking on it, It is also still swollen I have been given 3 injection now in my buttocks, but they don't seem to of done much,

    i really don't mind having a one of pain in my knee, than having this all the time....But as you have said donnalouisec it doesn't hurt, and it is worth it, will mention this when i go on the 30th January take care Jan, hope you feel better soon XX

  • Hi all, sorry I haven't been able to reply to you, our phone line went down so lost our Internet connection, just got reconnected. Anyway, got my injection in right knee yesterday, didn't really hurt, just a bit uncomfortable, they inject anesthetic with the steroid to help with the pain, this lasts for about half an hour then you feel some pain. The rheumy said it would get worse before it gets better. Waiting for the better bit, it is very painful at the moment, but resting it for 48 hours should help.

    The other things he told me was that the pain and swelling I am experiencing is due to my sarcoidosis and not arthritis, my X-rays show osteo arthritis in my hands, which is apparently an ageing process, just like going grey, as he said. One of the blood tests show that my calcium levels are rather high, I was given calcium tablets whilst on high steroids, but was not told to reduce these when the steroids were, so have had an overdose of calcium, he has told me to stop taking them as they are making things worse. Not very pleased with this oversight by my chest consultant or GP. He will see me again in February and we will discuss what to do about all the joint pain I am experiencing.

    Sorry for the long post, but had to get it out, very annoyed with my medical treatment so far, except for Rheumy.


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