Update: on whether to take my MTX tonight

Contacted my Gp, message to contact NHS111, spoke to Dr who said he was concerned about my breathing & said I had to be seen, gave me an appt. at my local hosp with the out of hours Dr: He said my throat & chest very inflamed so has put me on a course of steroids & to not take my MTX tonight & leave it for 3-4 days, so wont take the MTX until next sunday my usual day. But I shall ring my Rheumy team tomorrow & let them know whats happened.

Thank You to Bob, Allanah & Phoebe for their replies. My peak flow is still dropping so keeping an eye on it, but once these steroids kick in I should start to feel better. Then this dreaded cough cough should subside! haha. Take care, Rie xx

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  • Hi glad you got it all sorted.hope ur feeling better soon love Michelle x

  • Thanks Michelle, once they kick in I should feel a lot better x

  • Hello BOB here

    Glad sorted

    All the best


  • Thanks Bob x

  • Hey glad u made that call, asthma isn't something to leave is it?! Yes I would report it to the Rheumy nurses tomorrow, they may even tell you to leave your mtx longer. If I were you I would keep a little diary of any of these events just in case they decide to change your meds but hopefully this will be a one off .

    Some more advice , u know me! Have u and your family all had flu shots? It will save them bringing in flu, look how bad u r just with cold! And also give you some immunity, there's a lot of winter left. Hope u feel better very soon xx

  • I do write everything down, whether its pain, my peak flow etc. I keep a diary so everything gets put in there, haha. Yes we both had our flu jabs couple of weeks ago, also had a pneumonia jab when I first got diagnosed in jan. would recommend that to everyone on theses Dmards.. Just need to isolate Hubby next time he brings a cold into the house, haha. thanks allanah x

  • Absolutely chucking him out sounds the only solution! Xxxxx

  • Haha, bless him.

  • hope the steroids kick in soon and you shift that cough, feel better soon

    Jen x

  • Thanks Jen. steroids loosening my chest etc, so a little more coughing going on1 But hopefully on the mend. Thanks everyone. Have a good day, Rie x

  • Glad u r sounding better x

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