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ileostomy and knee pain-no dmards

I had an ileostomy in February with a temporary colostomy bag. I am off all RA meds because they suppress the immune system and I am healing. Problem is I am cleared to go back to work in retail but now my knees are acting up. I had a depot shot in each knee because they are bothered by both osteo and RA. Shot worked for 2 days and now my right knee is acting up, can't bend it without pain. I have tramadol and 8 hr Tylenol for arthritis, what else can I take? Ibuprophen works well for infalmation but my rheumy doesn't want me to take it because of my ileostomy. Anybody got any suggestions?

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Do you derive any benefit from topical NSAIDs or other preparations? Would the rheumatologist be OK about the localised dose of NSAIDs delivered by a cream rather than taken orally?


she did put in for a toplcal prescription, diflocan?, but my insurance wouldn't cover it


Ah, you're not in the UK? (It's available OTC here and even in Canada, I gather.)

Nice write-up of diclofenac gel (tho' if your insurance doesn't cover it, it's no help). Is it a costly prescription item in the US?



it would have cost me $70 for 5 tubes and that was with insurance. I don't need 5 tubes and that's just too much money


We can't help really as we're not medically trained or know your full medical history but if I've not been able to see or get hold of my GP by phone or text I find the Pharmacist who fills my scripts very helpful as she knows what I'm prescribed & my allergies. If you could get to see the one who's aware of your meds then I'm pretty sure he/she should be able to recommend something for you if you explain what you're already taking for the pain.

It can be blinkin painful if OA isn't well controlled & add RD in & you must be in considerable pain if the steroid injection has worn off.

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