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I'm so excited

Forgive me this blog is not going to be long..........

I have finally had a call from the intermediate care team, i came out of hospital the middle of September, now housebound and have only made the 2 flights of stairs to mine and hubs room 3 times as the risers are different heights and the motorneurone system does not like it.

so the OT is coming to see me this afternoon, not sure what she can offer in terms of assistance but at least she's coming so if anyone can help with questions I should ask be quick, as she is coming at 13.30 today. only gave me a couple of hours notice.


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Don't know if you have the following but they have CHANGED my life:

Stair lift (this is be done via a DFG through the OT, if you don't qualify any local charity will help with costs), i can now live in my house as normal.

Manditory raised toilet seats and toliet frames help me

Grab rails (where needed)

Hope this helps

Ella xx


Reply to you and Sylvi,

Thanks for ideas, funny thing the wheelchair that had been ordered for weeks turned up whilst OT was here. She is getting the grab handles updated etc.

The wonderful thing is I managed the top stairs, up to our bedroom in the attic conversion those who know me will remember the saga of the bathroom, well I don't know whether it was shear determination or bravado but I did it. The next step is physio I'll get a home visit then we can go on from there.

I'm sure this visit has raised my spirits somehow and I must make an attempt to do different things and go out with a girl friend.

I'll catch up wtth you all soon.

tricia xx


I'M SOO PLEASED FOR YOU. Grab rails, litter picker,stairlift?, things for the bathroom,thick handled cutlery set. double handed cup/saucer or mug thick pens. Don't know whether these are of any use for you.


hi Sylvi

replied to you and Ella see abaove



Hope the visist goes well xx


Great stuff Tricia, will be in touch soon when I'm fully over the listeria episode :-}

Cece x


Great Cece,

Listeria not nice, hope your backs calmed down a bit, and if your astrictly fan like me you'll be aware of Artim and his spine, it made me cry thinking about it.

Hope to hear from you soon, but I have a bit of an update for you as well.

tricia xx


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