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Great now I'm flaring


I must look so good at work had to take the day off before a 4 day long weekend as I can;t really get out of bed and in such pain it is ridiculous. I have crashed and burned badly for some reason. I rang the rheumy nurse and she said the enbrel should be delivered next Wednesday so only another week to wait. Kudos to her that she chased it up for me. I told her I am upping my prednisone to 10mg and will bring it back down when I start the enbrel as I cannot live like this

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So sorry you are in a flare, I do hope the steroids help. Good luck with the Enbrel next week. Hope this is the one for you. Thinking of you.

Gentle (((((hugs)))))


Thanks Jan I hope so too it is horrid.

Hoping the pred works and wednesday comes round quickly. I Looove your dog. Gentle hugs for you and your pooch

I wish he was my pooch, not allowed to have pets where we live.

Do u have help to do injection? If you're flari badly hands might not help xx

I won't inject until next week and I have to do first one at GPs so I am sure I will get help if needed. Hands, everything is hurting so rotten

I know. I'm flaring quite badly too now. But that's after two five hour car journeys in blizzard conditions through the Highlands !

oh no you poor thing, not sure I would ever leave the house. I hope you are taking it easy now

I'm taking it very easy today, at least until physio comes she's doing this exceptionally to help with mobility issues. We were visiting a house were building for holidays so it was worth it to see the progress, it's love

oh sounds lovely, where is it located.

Gentle hugs, and whatever work thinks is up to them :P Take the prednisone, be nice to yourself, and remember to breathe. I'm so sorry you're feeling like crap, and glad that someone chased down your Enbrel for you. xx

I seem to have been on a roller coaster since the MTX reaction in December so I hope the enbrel will stop it in it's tracks. If not it's back to square 1 hahaha

Gah! Not that square AGAIN! I think if you've gone past square 1 more than twice that you should get automatic passage to square 5 or so. There's no justice in this game, is there? *hugs*

Hahah I am with you there. Stupidly I have to do the last two of the 7 DMARDS on the list regardless of whether of how they may affect me. I would think after proving that four on the list I had adverse reactions to and now on to the ones they may prescribe only three tomes a year to patients that I may have jumped through enough hoops but the health system is inflexible here so I will go on and risk more liver damage. Oh well onward and upwards

So sorry you are flaring.Take care of your self .I'm flaring at the moment's not easy when you feel so rubbish.Hope the preds. work. Take care xx

So awful isn't it. This came on quickly, I suspected it was going to happen but I woke up at about 4am and bang it hit me like a ton of bricks. Never happened like that before.

I hope the Embrel works for you and you can manage till it kicks in.

Hope the steroids are helping.

Thanks Hobbits. Haven't kicked in yet but I am hoping soon. I cannot believe I went down hill so fast. Hopefully the enbrel will be delivered next Wednesday although I would like to wait until Friday to do it so I have the weekend if it doesn't agree with me.

I will be eagerly awaiting how you do on Embrel, I'm hearing it can kick in fast so I hope that's the case for you.

My Embrel won't start for a few weeks as I have to have a clear stool same fone from my CDiff infection.

I went to the lab today, with my frozen sample and they said the hospital gave me the wrong container and this can affect the lab results. I can't poop on demand so I will go back on Saturday to give sample. Then it's likely a two week wait as the sample has to go to the Ministy of health for testing. Then if it's clear I can start Embrel.

-I also have to have training even though I already injected Humira and did MTX injections for almost a year.

The steroids can take a few days to a week to really notice a difference. Yes, when things go bad, they go bad fast for lots of us unfortunately. I really hope your treatments work and you find some relief. Good idea too! Wait later in the week to inject.

Oh no that is terrible. How annoying. It is amazing how many things people stuff up in the medical profession. I don;t know but it seems to be getting worse and I wonder if like here in Oz it is because of overload, too many patients and not enough resources. OI hope the test is Ok and clear for you.

The rheumy nurse told me the same about enbrel and I am really hoping it is the same for me and for you.

Oh no, glad you have some steroid cover until the new drug kicks in. Be good to yourself, rest , use heat and cold pads and gentle movements. Try not to worry about work when you are flaring it will only make the flare worse! But do you have union support in Oz so you can explain to your work how poorly you are bug hopefully things will improve on your meds?

Thinking of you xx A

My work is Ok I work in a diversity area so hmmm it would be rather remiss if they weren't. hahahah I just hate doing that before a long weekend I tried to hang out I just couldn't get out of bed on Thursday. Steroids are sort of working, it has really attacked my hips and knees this time.

It's awful when one specific area hurts , if they don't settle maybe give the docs a call ?, xx


Sorry to hear your experiencing a flare right now I do hope the steroids take the edge off until the Enbrel is delivered, I too am starting Enbrel next week with any luck I am still waiting for my first delivery, do let us know if you feel it's working for you. I can't wait to take it I am hoping this will be my wonder drug with no side effects I hope it will be for you too 😄

Oh enbrel buddies!!! I am so hopeful too. I have had a terrible time with DMARDS although I still have two of the 7 to go before I can be approved to take enbrel on an ongoing basis. I am supposed to get it on Wednesday fingers crossed.

I will most definalty keep my fingers crossed for you, 👍

Yep and for you. I so want this to work and not to have bad adverse reactions for a change

I had 10 good years on Enbrel - hope they work as well for you

Oh wow that would be so amazing if it gave me that long

I hope so

me too! :)

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