Feeling so Impatient!

well after a long and arduous wait I have just over a week to go before I finally see the rheumy and get a diagnosis and some idea , hopefully, of what they can put me on. It feels like it has been forever what with the Specialist I continually argued with who for 6 months told me it was all in my mind and then the 1st appt with rheumy and the 6 month wait in between, I finally feel like there might be some light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train coming the other way! Mind you I have to get the results form the disastrous liver biopsy at the end of this week so that may put paid to everything!

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  • Morning someonesmother, good luck at yr 1st appointment, i hope you get some answers and are started on something.....the trouble with this disease is it does take time to diagnose sometimes, i had the same thing, i asked a few times if i had RA but was told no.....then wham oh yes you deffo have.....fingers crossed yr biopsy results are good too.....there is light at the end of the tunnel, chin up, take care lisa x

  • Morning to you, (my night I live in Oz) Thanks Lisa it is my second appt first one was to tell me I had an autoimmune disease they weren't sure what! hahaha it has been about 18 months on this journey so far and I am getting to the point I am hardly managing to keep going to work so I hope there are some answers this time.

  • Hang on in there! You have done SO well just to get to this point & you deserve plain sailing from here on. Fingers crossed about the liver biopsy - will you let us all know what the result is? And hopefully the rheumy appointment will address all the main issues properly and result in some effective treatment. Good luck. Luce xx

  • Thanks Luce yes I hope I am not disappointed and I get some answers and a treatment plan this time. I have been close to walking away as you know. I will let you know when I get results of liver biopsy I am hoping for good news so I can have treatment of some kind.

  • Good luck with the appointment - hopefully in a few days' time you'll get some answers and there'll be an action plan for what happens next.

  • Thanks Francherry, I am hoping I get a plan of action too I have waited long enough I think.

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