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Another dull and drab day

Another dull and drab day

When are we going to get any sunshine. This is day three in the midlands when we haven't seen any sun,its damp and wet and chilly. I am afraid to say i'm one of the people who suffer when there is no sun. I wish i could hibernate if that was possible.

Thought that today i would go up the village on my scooter to get the milk,also it enables me to see people and i think that if someone talks to me it will cheer me up. I might as well not bothered. By the time i got up there i was cold and yes i did have my blanket over me. I felt out of breath and didn't know why. Went in the papershop and i felt like i should be in bed. Had a look in our charity shop,didn't see anything i fancied. Daughter rang me to go into the spar and get the avon book out of her locker. It was chaos in there. She has told me how bad it is in there,but i got first hand how it is. Had trouble getting down the mag aisle as water was spilt and the staff were working there as well. Half the shop closed as they have had a water leak,also some lights were out due to said water leak. By the time i had got to the till i was out on my feet. Only one till working and the member of staff working it was a newbie who was the not the brightest star in the sky. There were three other staff including the manager who were faffing about down the mag aisle. I can't get my scooter in there so have to walk. I was so fed up by this time i was a grumpy old git!! Was still moaning when i got served and when i got out as i was talking to a lady who knew my daughter. Came through the rec on my way home and saw a friend who asked how hubby was. So i was pretty fed by the time i got home. Had another moan to daughter and friend who had come to pick avon book up.

The upshot to this story is after a cup of tea and a rest i realised i hadn't taken my tablets this morning so here i was at 11.30am taking my tablets, So who's a silly billy for not taking them in the first place,perhaps my morning might have just gone a little easier.

I won't go into hubbys health on this blog as i thought you would all like a laugh at my morning,god we nee it when the weather is like it is today.

So my lovely friends hope the sun is shining wherever you are today.

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Hi Sylvi,

I'm in the Midlands too, yes the weather is pants this week , i've checked the met office and there's no sign of sun all week!! Fortunately for me though i work all day so don't notice the weather til i go out for lunch, i always like to get out of the office and have a walk to the Co-op and plan what i'm going to cook for tea, takes my mind off work for a bit!!

My dad (also a RA sufferer) has recently come back from Benidorm, it has done him the world of good to be in the sun and blue skies, he gets very down in the winter, he has not been able to work for years.

Anyway, keep bloggin Sylvi, i like to read your blogs, you sound like a real darlin with a good heart.

take care

Lyn x

ps one of my favourite words is GIT :-) love it!


dull and grey here too!( southwest) and yes they are great blogs xx


Morning lyn and summer,thank you ladies. I try thats for sure my hubby says i'm VERY trying!!!!!!!!! Hubby is on the mend thank goodness. xxx


Very wet, chilly and dull here in Liverpool. But I don't mind too much when I am in work, only problem in winter is I go to work in dark and come home home in the dark and I work in an office without any windows so can be a bit drab.hope you hav some sun today in the midlands and if you do can you send some myb way just to warm my office up. We have lots of smokers here and they insist on leaving the outer doors open after their cig breaks and my feet feel like blocks of ice. By the way I work out of the city in St. Helens. ( Don't know why you need to know that) but anyway best get started before the boss comes in. Take care x


Hi Treesha, your boss really needs to get his act together. If he is allowing smokers to smoke outside the building, he has to ensure no smoke (or cold) can get into the building through open windows or doors. Could he arrange for self closing inner doors to be fitted? so if they did leave the outer door open (selfish lot), at least the inner doors would close and stop the draughts coming in.

You can ask him for a foot rest which will lift your feet off the floor and out of some of the draughts as well.

Nothing worse than working without any natural light at all so I hope you have good artificial lighting in the office. Sylvi's suggestions of flowers to brighten things up is a good one. We also had green plants in our office which were tended with great love and affection by us lawyers but we also brought in some fresh flowers as well. The only problem with artificial flowers is they do gather dust and you are bound to have someone in the office who is allergic to dust!

LavendarLady x


Treesha,get yourself some bright flowers for your desk that will brighten your day no end,even if they are artificial they will look brighter. Sunflowers are good. If you have a microwave get yourself a couple of wheat bags and then you can put them on your feet. Also try and get some boxes to cover the open bits on your desk. Why don't you get one of those heaters that sit under your desk too,we can't have a lady with ra suffering like that.

It is still very dull here in the midlands and it looks like it is going to rain as well,just what i need.

Its nice to know where people are on this blog site,i now know people in the usa as well as this country,we are a right mix of people with ra.I feel that i know you all so wel even though i've never met any of you.

I enjoy meeting everyone on this site,when i can't get out it is nice to know people are out there that i can talk to.

Have a lovely day at work you lucky thing.

Love sylvia. xx


Sun! We're lucky to get light up here!



you poor thing,just as well we haven't gone over to german time you wouldn't see any sun at all.It will be the artic all winter for you. Hope the weather improves for you. xx


Thanks Sylvi but where can I get wheat bags from? I have put a small blow heater in my room but the boss doesn't like me using it because he says the heater caused last years electrical failure in our 3 storey ancient building. So far he hasn't said the usual comment of ' wear thick socks' when I complain of the cold. Fab idea about the flowers I will do that. Thanks again x


Thanks Sylvi but where can I get wheat bags from? I have put a small blow heater in my room but the boss doesn't like me using it because he says the heater caused last years electrical failure in our 3 storey ancient building. So far he hasn't said the usual comment of ' wear thick socks' when I complain of the cold. Fab idea about the flowers I will do that. Thanks again x


Sorry my phone is playing up submitted comment 2 or 3 times oh dear x


Boots is a good place to start,any chemist,or mobility shop will stock them. Tell you boss that you suffer because of the smokers and its his responsibilty to make sure your warm in work. A\lso its discrimination to you under the disability act. also tell him to get stuffed.

sylvia. xxx


Get stuffed sounds good to me haha! Thanks x


Hi Sylvi, yes it is dull, damp and miserable here as well in West Norfolk. Been like that for several days although we are told it will get out fine later on. I do hope so as my joints are acting up and my shoulder is giving me hell at present. I have a meeting with the Land Agent later this morning which will involve being out in the damp and cold and tramping over fields etc.

Just been joined by Minniecat who is intrigued by the words popping up on the screen and keeps trying to pat them with her paw.

Love the picture of your hubby (?) sitting on the cannon - is that to repel boarders from your garden? lol.

I also forgot my MTX yesterday so have taken it today which means moving the Enbrel to tomorrow but no ill effects as yet.

Best wishes. LavendarLady x


The photo of hubby was taken at the arboretium at staffordshire. I quite like that one too. I'm sooo lucky i've married him,i couldn't cope if he wasn't here.

I've got next doors cat sitting on the chair as we are sitting while they are away. I've never known a cat like him,he knows when they are away and when they are coming home. Its like he talks to you when he wants something,it so uncanny. He's a lovely cat.

Don't forget your thermals when you meet the land agent. There is now some thermal leggings you can get that are extra warm,they don't fit me,but my grace has them under her trousers when she's at work.

Have a good day it looks to be clearing up here a bit at the moment,bet it rains later on.


Hey girl hope you get to feeling better soon..Yes the weather plays an important roll in how I feel too. Its sunny here in Arizona but cold,,I hate the cold eather!!!Well you have a great day,talk to you soon on Facebook haha.....Later,,,,,,,,Cathy


At least you have the sun thats more than we have here. its damp and very dull,th sun did try to come through but it didn't get anywhere.

Take care luv. sylvia. xx


Sylvie, Cathy, Lavendarlady and Marnie,

Gosh I wish you all lived next door and across the street. We would have coffee, or tea and the Apple/Walnut Cake I just baked. It was quite simple and, being a diabetic, I used Splenda sugar substitute and it works perfectly. You all sound delightful in spite of the ailments.

Sounds like most of you are across the Ocean., except Cathy in Arizona.

I am in northern Ohio, near the southern shore of Lake Erie. It is equally dark, dreary, ugly, cold, damp, misery-causing weather here too. :D How's that for an accurate description of lousy weather? hahah The Weather Man wouldn't dare use most of them! Gotta get going, have to make it look like I've been doing something before my daughter-in-law arrives. Do something for fun today!! Loret


I know someone in ohio,we met them on holiday in spain about 3-4yrs ago.It has been armistice day today here and my hubby and daughter were on parade. My daughter is standard bearer for nuneaton and stockingford branch of the british legion,i have put photos om my armistice day blog so you can have a nosey at them. I'm very proud of both of them.My hubby does most of the caring of me even though he still works.I think he is contemplating retiring next year to look after me more.

Our friends live in cleveland ohio, grace has just told me.

Your description of your weather is about the same here and it is very cold.

We are all in england so sadly we are a long way away from you.

Take care sylvia. xx


Hi Sylvia,

I live about 45 mins, straight west of Cleveland, Ohio near the Ohio Turnpike.

Now, if you were to plan a visit to the states to visit your friends in Cleveland, it would not be entirely unfeasible to meet up with you. Someday. When you are feeling better. The Airlines do take very good care of the handicapped on flights, and provide wheelchairs or a shuttle to get you around in the Airport. I suppose you already know that if you have been to Spain.

Ohmyword! I see it is 1:34am! Good thing I don't have to punch a time clock in the morning! I think I might be getting addicted to this site. I love reading all the blogs, and add comments where I can. I know, my "comments" can look more like a page from the newspaper!

I am a writer of sorts. I have kept journals since 1974, almost every day, though there are times when I've been too involved with other things to be able to write at the end of a day. I started keeping a journal because I have 4 sons, and I wanted to document just what went into raising them, all the things we did for fun, how school work was for each of them, most especially how fun it was for me to do things with them. They are close in age. Tim, the oldest, was not quite 6 when the 4th one , Steve was born. Duane, the 2nd boy, is just 15 months younger than Tim. Then there is Douglas, 2 years younger than Duane, and Steven is a whole 3 yrs. younger than Doug. I was hoping for a girl, but my husband was happy to have another boy. I guess I was too, he was beautiful, 10lb 4oz.. By then, having 4 boys was a novelty! Now they are all grown up, settled in their work and families, and I have 7 grandchildren. I might as well admit, I am proud of my brood:) The grandchildren are all excellent students, and involved in sports and Band. Keeps me busy going to all their baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, wrestling and karate. At the high school football games, on Friday nights, the Marching Band thrills me more than the football team. My grandaughter Ellen, plays a Tuba, their band is very sharp and classy when they are on the field at half time. The rest of the time they are normal, fun, silly teenagers. I must get to bed, my fingers are complaining. I have some anti-inflammatory gel to rub on them, then. put the splint on, they'll settle down.

Oh, you mentioned Armistice Day, today here, was Veteran's Day, so Banks and Post Office were closed, kids were out of school.

Have a nice weekend, Sylvia Hope I haven't bored you :) Loret


you couldn't bore me so don't even think that. When i'm down here at silly o'clock its one of the things that i can do,chat to my friends who are still up. I've been up since 5.30am as i've a lot of pain in my fingers and knee,so pills taken and i'm waiting to see if they will help.I'm now enjoying a cup of redbush tea,its a bit lovely cup of tea when your downstairs on you own.

I have 2 lovely children,grace who is 27yrs and george who is 25yrs. George is working abroad being a croupier on the cruise ships working out of canaveral. He lands every saturday so we talk via facebook then. My grace is a standard bearer for the nuneaton branch of the british legion. Yesterday it was armistice day here. Bedworth our nearest little town has always held its parade on 11.11. and it was a big parade.My hubby is a ex-soldier so he marches as well./ My daughter is planning to go into the army if she can get through the fitness test.

Like you i'm very proud of them,no grandchildren yet.

I'll have to email our friends in cleveland.

Have a good sleep,sylvia. xx


Hi Sylvie! I haven't connected here for a few days, just discovered your last reply to my post at 1:30 am

I love teas. My friends and I are always on the look for unique blends, from different places. Seems tea is popular all over the world. I do have coffee first thing in the morning. That helps get rid of the fog from the meds I take when I go to bed. Especially the muscle relaxant.

So, i get out to the kitchen, with Bridget riding on the seat of my walker, and I first make a half pot of coffee, feed the cat, change her water(Bridget's water is "served" in a large tea cup on a saucer :) I found it in the garden section of WalMart's. So, we have our cups together:) Then I turn on TV, watch the news shows, usually after about an hour or so, and the pain meds are working, I can get around to start the day. Checking my list. I have an on-going list of things to do, take care of, phone calls to make, etc and I cross them off when they are done. Ha! The list travels from one day to the next!

I see you mentioned Facebook with your son. I also have a Facebook page, wonder if we could make contact on Facebook? My name is Loretta Hoy. If you would like to invite me to friend or however that works.

Sounds like you have a busy household! I stay close to my 4 sons, via phone or computer. My oldest son Tim lives just 15 miles from me, he just got married 3 weeks ago. Second son, Duane. is in Hollywood, California, working on a crew that sets up the lighting and sound for several TV programs. He's loving the warm and sunny weather! Third son, Douglas is right here in my town, where they all grew up and is back from college and Medical School and has a very busy Family Practice. People tell me they are his patient, and they just love him and their children meet him out and about town and run up to him, hug his legs and say "Dr. Hoy!!" He is such a softie, very compassionate with his older or more seriously ill patients. He over does it sometimes with me, I suppose since I live alone, he and his wife look after me, make sure I go to all the childrens' activities. I had a ball at Tim and Heather's wedding reception. I danced, with my friend Pat, we did the jive or jitterbug, or whateve they call it, as long as I could hold onto one handle grip on my walker. When I met up with Doug, he just said "I didn't see a thing" "Just hold onto the handlebar mother" :)

But oh my dear, the next day! I could not move, really had to push to get out of bed and it was 10:30 am. Bridget was very patient and let me sleep. Or she tried and couldn't wake me up. She just laid at the foot of the bed and waited.

I really couldn't get back to near normal for the whole week. But, for one lovely day and evening, I had a great time with family and friends and knew I'd be feeling it the next day.

Now it is time to get horizontal! My back doesn't agree with sitting in my desk chair for too long. I really thought about getting a lap-top, but I use the printer often enough and wouldn't have one on a lap-top.

Forgot to mention my youngest son, Steve, is a chef in Michigan. He and his wife also do caterring for weddings and reunions and such. They are so busy, especially weekends, so we don't see them very often.

Anyways, horizontal position coming now. That is always a grateful relief, just to lay down and relax the back muscles. Goodnight Sylvie, hope all is going atleast OK for you. Loret


i have facebooked you,i worked it out as you told me your sons names. xx


Get a laptop loret, i'm led to believe that they can be connected to the printer via wireless. I haven't looked into yet. I wouldn't be without mine. When you get up again have a look at my latest blog as it shows my nails and hair with all my colours. Its not a good one as i don't take a good pic these days. Going back to the laptop,i have a computer in the spare bedroom with the printer which my daughter uses all the time. With the laptop i can sit in my recliner and hubby has made me a big tray to put across the arms so i've got everything to hand.We had to manourve the room so i could sit in comfort. We have asda which is owned by walmart and we shop there all the time. They are the cheapest store around.My son went to india last year and he brought back some proper teas back for me, and when he goes to london he always brings me teas from harrods,their tea is of superior quality and boy do they taste lovely.

I'm having a flare at the moment so i'm suffering at the moment. All i get told is to rest,i get fed up with sitting about but it never seems to make any difference.

Well my friend i will end this letter and i hope you sleep well and we'll talk later.

Sylvi. xxxx


OMG!!! I reread your first blog entry, talking about going to the village with your scooter, in the cold, what a miserable day that was!

OK. You are way cool! Certainly distinguished!

I've been on the computer for quite awhile, and Miss Bridget is begging me to stop and go to bed.

I have considered a laptop, but hesitate, thinking I would have to go the desk one and re-enter a site I print from Like the Arthritis Foundation.

Sure feel better than I did this morning, so maybe I'll go to bed now and try for 7 hrs. Have a nice weekend. We are predicted full sun and temp in 50's Yay!


You lucky thing.i wish i could sleep without weird dreams. Its 5.22 am here and i've given up trying to sleep. This last dream had my mother in it,my mum bless has been dead for 12yrs so i don't know what thats all about. Thats the second night in a row that i've been dreaming,it doesn't bode well for the day,i've been aching since yesterday morning,it wasn't too bad then,but my joints ache worse today.

The weather is going to continue to be mild,whats that all about,it should be freezing cold at this time of year. At least they say we are going to see some sun. We've put washing on the line and though its been mild it hasn't dried the washing.

I have another scooter now which i got for a bargain price, It will keep me very warm this winter. I won't say i'm cool,different more likely. I sat and repainted my nails last night,as i was on my own for a couple of hours. Grace had gone out and hubby hadn't finished and her didn't get in until 8.30pm,so plenty of time to do them in peace.

Hope you sleep well. xxx


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