Well we got done here eventually. It was a very tiring trip for me. We had lots of stops and still i had a crying session near to the end of the journey. We arrived safely which is the main thing.

This morning we into st. ives and that is a hard place to get about with a disability i can tell you and even harder if you have a scooter. Lovely place though,i just wish i could be more mobile so i don't have to rely on a scooter. I have limited internet access as the only place i can use it is in the reception area,where there is no privacy at all and it is very noisy. Hubby is making dinner and he is going to ring me when it is ready. Then i will switch my laptop off.

I hope you all have some sun today,we have here in cornwall.


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  • Hi Sylvi, good to see you arrived safely. I hope you have a lovely holiday and take lots of pictures. Beware them tricky ice cream/pasty stealing seagulls in St Ives. I've only been there once but found it a beautiful place and would love to return. I agree though it is a difficult place for the disabled, very hilly. Have a great time

    Paula x

  • Have a great time pleased you got there safely xx

  • Hi Sylvi, glad you got there in one piece, if a little shaken! I've stayed in St.Ives a few times & agree that is difficult to get about with crutches, wheel chair or your scooter. I've tried! What a lovely place to be so I believe it is worth all the effect. Hope you find it so & thoroughly enjoy your holiday. You deserve a good one.

    Love Aligator x

  • Hello Sylvi, i am sorry to hear that you are still not feeling up to par and are in great pain. i was just thinking the long journey must have played havoc with your poor knee. Are you staying in a hotel?

  • No mads, we have a bungalow. I think i did too much yesterday and boy did i pay for it last night. I was up most of the night being restless. My scar is clearing up nicely and the infection at the top of it is also clearing up. i have finished the antibiotics now. i am going to meet one of the ladies on here today and i have to say i am looking forward to meeting her. Take care sylvi.xx

  • hopefully being off the antibiotics will make you less tired. Thats exciting meeting someone from the blogs, hope you have a lovely time. My wee one was sick last night, poor wee pet, it was every hour on the hour from 2 - 5 so her bed was ruined twice and i took her into mine where she was able to make it to the basin. so washing machine is on today, she is off school and i am trying to keep my eyes open and accomplish some work. I think tiredness makes the ra worse the next day so i hope you get some rest tonight.

  • Mads i met luckysjoy,she was lovely. We had lunch and a walk round st ives. It rained so we came home and i went to bed as my ankle had swollen up. Sadly it is still up this morning and it is a bit painful. I don't know yet what i'm going to do about it yet,i will see how it goes. xx

  • Glad you got there Sylvi, have a good time.


  • Hi Sylvi, glad you got there ok and sorry to hear it was a difficult journey for you. The sun (hopefully), change of scenery and change of air should do you good. Take care. Judi xxx

  • Have a lovely holiday, sylvi. Enjoy the change of scenery. Wendy xx

  • Glad you got there in the end Silvi. These long journeys are exhausting aren't they.

    Interesting about St.Ives. I was thinking of going there as a friend has a cottage nearby but maybe somewhere with better access would be better. I hope the weather behaves for you and that you get a chance to recover from the travel and enjoy your holiday.


  • Thank you ladies for your good wishes i will try to get a load of snaps to post on here for you all. xxx

  • HI Sylvi

    I just wanted to say 'have a good trip'

    Cornwall is one of my favourtie places, I love it so much!

    Enjoy the sunshine and try to rest

    take care xx


  • hope you enjoy your holiday i went to cornwell a few years ago its a really beautiful place my husband took me to where Doc Martin was filmed for a day out it was tricky as its not disabled friendly but we did enjoy it and i think i tried every seat in the bay i was absolutely shattered but it was worth the pain just for the experience of being there.

  • St ives is a place full of cobbles and boy it shook me up no end. I'm not sure what we are doing today yet as hubby is doing the washing and i'm on here. i will tell all in a blog later on. xxx

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