Day four

Its 5.40am, another bad night for me since i fell off my scooter. My hubby is getting better even though he isn't home yet. He has had for the last three days antibiotic drip three times a day and he is due another one this morning then docs are going to look at him and decide what to do and whether he can come home or not.

After i fell off my scooter saturday i have not slept very well and i've been in a lot of pain. I already know that i'm having a bit of a flare up with the ra. During the night i've been to the toilet three times,can't sleep and in pain. The wind howling round the house isn't helping either. I'm tired,stressed and worried about hubby without anything else. Still got my wedding ring on and i can still turn it but i can't get it off without a helping hand fron fairy liquid and i don't want to go there yet. There's something about my ring and i'm reluctant to take it off. My eyes also are worse when i'm in pain even though i've had them cauterised.

All i seem to do at the moment is feel like rubbish and i keep moaning. I will be happier when hubby is home. I nearly let slip to him last night that i had fallen off the scooter, but i didn't he put it down to the stress and worry of him being in ill and in hospital. I'm not going to add to his worries over me while he is in there.

Hope you all have got more sleep than i have.


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Hello Sylvi :) It is not nice to hear that you are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment and I 100% feel your pain (literally!) My arthritis has been playing up lots recently but I find that one of the things that can really help me when I am in pain is doing something that takes my mind off it. I like to do baking, even though I am not very good at it, read magazines, and even invite friends round so that I can have a bit of a moan but about something else other than my arthritis. By having something planned for the day, even if it is something small like going to the shop to buy myself a magazine, it gives me something else to focus on :)

I hope that you and your husband are feeling better soon and remember ... keep smiling :) xx


I try to go out every day and see people as i find that helps. I have mags delivered so i have something to read. I'll be happier when hubby comes home. thanks, sylvia.xx


Hi Sylvie,

Sorry to hear you are going thru a rough patch. I hope it all comes right for you soon and hubby back where he belongs. I know what you mean about wedding ring, I am the same, like to keep it on during rough times, although usually I remove all jewellry at night, I keep wed ring on when I am doing poorly.

Take it easy on yourself and try and get the sleeplessness sorted its not

good to be up during the night. Maybe your GP could give you a few sleeping pills to get you through this rough patch?

Regards, Gina.


Thank you for your thoughtss. I was hoping that he might come out today,but thats not happening today. The hospital have took more blood and done more tests. I know he is in the best place and he needs the rest too. It did upset me that he wasn't coming home. I'm on amitrptalyne so i don't think i should take sleeping pills. i've got some in the drawer. Bob has told me to go only once a day , i know he's right,but i don't like the thought of only going down once, but i will do as he asks.

Are you on the mend now? sylvia.xx


Glad hubby is getting better I'll bet he can't wait to get home. My wife Anne can't get her wedding ring off at all over the knuckle but I tell her to look on the bright side, she can always have the whole finger amputated as a last resort. I hate the wind too as it blows my hair about, (whats left of it) so I wear a cap, baseball cap or Ozzie outback hat but none of them will stay on because my head is the wrong size. I don't have a scooter but I know they're easy to fall off so you be more careful in future.


Hi Bencorde - you are a wag! Fancy telling your wife she could have her finger amputated!~ When I broke my wrist, my ring finger swelled so much, I couldn't get the ring off and it had to come off at that time. So the Staff Nurse greased it well with liquid soap and manouvered it off, washed it and gave it back to me.

Can't really tell from your picture how much hair you have got! Now you know what us women go through when the wind blows. Have you thought of getting a larger hat? Or using a hat pin to hold it on?

LavendarLady x


Will do bencorde, My hubby always wears a trilby. He has become well known round the village and where he works because of his hat. I think that a man who wears a hat commands more respect. I will happily take of my other rings but not my wedding ring. When hubby was being booked in they took down all hia details and asked me if i was his partner and i said no I'M HIS WIFE. I hate being called a partner.To me it demeans the title that i took when we got married all those years ago. The scooter is one that will go in a car, We are thinking of getting a bigger one for every day use as i'm becoming a liability on the smaller one.

My hubby is not coming out today he has to go for another scan as they are not happy with the first one he had.

Best wishes sylvia.xx


Hi Sylvi, like you I hate to be referred to as my husband's "partner" - makes us sound like something on Strictly! I agree it is demeaning to us old married ladies - I don't mean old as in age but old as in how long we have been married.

It sounds as if you need a more stable scooter to get about one - something to think about when hubby is home. I bet he worries about you more than you worry about him!

I haven't seen a man in a hat (unless it is a topper for a wedding) since my dad died and he always wore a hat when he went out. He was a real gentleman and behaved accordingly.

Hope you get some good news soon. LavendarLady x


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