A miserable beggar!

I dread this time of the year, watching my poor cat pacing up & down the house then pinning his ears back when he hears a biggie go off. I've switched everything off since Hallowe'en. My sister called down today, and asked why I couldn't hear her. I took the batteries out of my doorbell because of trick or treat I'm hardly able to hear anything because of Bonfire night! My cat is in: he's giving me evils because I've blocked his cat flap with a bottle of creosote. My neighbours have decided to go out and leave theirs, she's sat on my sofa

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Mine is drapped over my feet under the desk, nice foot warmer :)


My dog tries to see 'em off everytime - can't settle at all. I now associate them with my mum dropping dead 2 years ago to the day and everyone I had to phone had them pinging off all over the place in the background. When we registered her death a few days later my profoundly deaf sister signed "she went off like a great big firework our mum - puffff" and did little showering things with her hands. No wonder I'm off the blasted things now - me and the dog both!


I agree the B""""y things go off late into the night. It feels like they are going off outside my bedroom window.I don't have any pets,but am cat sitting for next door and he goes into the cupboard under the stairs to get away from them. Hope all pets have settled down now.

Sylvia. x


I am about to set up an E-petition which will be found on, but the only downside to the e-eptition is that only UK residents can sign it. :( but maybe you can set one up in your area, and call for a ban on ALL fireworks - with the exception that they are only used by the local authorities.


They're still going off, frightening my pets. I'm in favour of licence only. I'm damn sure that it needs to be regulated after the M5 crash.


We have had a rescue dog since last February so this was our first experience of bonfire night wih him and didn't know what to expect. Have to say he was brilliant.

When the first lot went off he wanted to go out in the garden (have to say he is very inquisative) so I opened the back door and he stood on the doorstep, sniffing the air. When a rocket went off he watched it go overhead (he was OK with that) then it went bang and he shot back indoors. He did very well coping with the remaining bangs, just kept looking at me when one went off (don't know if it was ''what's happening Mum'' or ''It's your fault Mum'').

When I went to watch the tv in bed the fireworks were still going off so he hid under the bed bless him.

He is our 4th rescue dog and the others shook to pieces on bonfire night (and the rest of the nights when fireworks were being let off). Personally I wish that they were only let off on 5th November as they were when I was a child.


Fortunately both our dogs were not too bothered by the fireworks - they are both gun dogs so used to bangs! My burmese usually buries herself under her fleece blanket and blocks out the noise that way. If a particularly loud bang goes off, the older lab will look up but otherwise they don't take any notice.

If there is a lot of noise around us, my burmese will come running in chatting away to tell us there is too much noise and she is fed up with it. They do talk these eastern cats - she is almost as bad as the siamese. I shall certainly sign Val's petition - my own view is that fireworks should be left to organisations who can do it properly and only on one night!

LavendarLady x


Not too many fireworks going off in my neck of the woods! Tends to be more at halloween but this year there was a notable decrease. I live too remotely to have any trick or treaters (thankfully) but my children were begging to be dressed up and let out so husband took them up to his aunts house so they could say that they at least got out.


ha ha Love all the stories... I had a German Shepard, beautiful dog but deaf as a door post.

The local authority always have a well attended display across from my home, I often got funny looks when I walked her on bonfire night. x


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