A Very Good Consultation In Edinburgh.Mattcass

Hi Guys, Several good things were discussed the Transplant was not one off them did not even get a mention, agreeing for me to go on Sulfasalasine was because the Rheumy Doc told him I was going through a torrid time with my RA and the Hydroxy did not work and because my IPF sisuation had not changed it should not affect me to much, hence all the blood tests every two weeks and i promise to let them know of any side effects that may occur, I am on the full 3000mgs a day and feel a slight difference on the amount of flare ups I normally get. He congratulated me on getting back to work he recalled me saying something in June about it but because i could not walk the length of his room he never gave it a secong thought, His parting sentence was close the door on the way out and i will see you in June. So of we wentfor a nice meal and a pint of Guiness.Matt/Fran

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  • That's great news Matt. You both must be relieved I hope the sulpha helps the flares very quickly . You two are very brave. Xx

  • Hi A, Thank You very much we are hoping the Salpha works, i start on anti-bios later this chest cold is not going away on it's own. Matt

  • Oh no my hubby is the same! He almost never gets sick but has been for the past couple of weeks but omg what an awful patient he is! Talk about stressful!

  • Hi A, I'm sure Fran tells others thay about me.Matt

  • Somehow I don't think so Matt! Xx

  • Great news, Matt! Clemmie

  • Hi Clemmie Thank You, Sore head at work today Frans fault topping my Guinness up with Wine it was good but.Matt

  • But you can cope when the pain is self inflicted, can't you, unlike all the other pains. So glad you enjoyed the Guinness and wine. Clemmie

  • Good news and hope the Sulpha works quickly for you

  • Hi Someonesmother, If the Sulpha does not work more Guinness and Wine.Matt

  • heheheeh yes if only I could still drink I would join you!

  • I could drink yours save it going to waste.Matt

  • Absolutely and make sure it is a nice western Australian Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon. mm mmmmmmmm!!!!

  • I'm a Chateau Nuf-De Pape Man before i changed from Buckfast.Matt

  • Hmmm I have heard of it don't know if we get that in OZ.

  • I'm sure if you google it you will find someone who stocks it

    it costs about 15GBP a Btl. Matt

  • Guinness should be a recognised dmards

  • Ho norfolkjo I agree with that there might be a few pints from Guinness if they hear what we are doing.Matt

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