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Extreme tightness and swelling lower thighs, knees, calves and feet Any Ideas ?

Firstly Happy New Year, I have not been here in quite some time, took another fall and fractured bone in leg/foot about 5 weeks ago and had careers coming every day since

Now I have the strangest tightness hard swelling in lower extremities, Most people know most of the meds I am on,( I have both RA and Fibro, and Peripheral Neuropathy) No meds have changed, I do move around a bit in the flat, it is worse at night, I have gained quite a bit of weight but seems abnormal weight to me, Like water retention But I dont think any of my meds are steroids any thoughts, Miss u guys xx Lisa

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Hi Lisa, it sounds like it could be oedema - the lymph system relies largely on muscle movement to circulate. As you've been immobilised by the fracture it's not surprising if you get some fluid retention in your lower leg/ankle/foot. It would be worse at night as gravity has been taking effect all day. Do please get it checked out by your GP though in case it's something else. Once the cast comes off you should be able to better exercise the fluid away - even simple ankle rotations and extending and flexing the calf muscles while you rest with your feet up will help. I don't know how you feel about complimentary therapies but if you can find a reflexologist in your area who is qualified in maternity reflexology they might be able to help (sound daft i know but oedema is common in pregnancy and we're taught techniques to try and help relieve it) - will have a list of therapists who have the full level four qualification. Hope you're soon back on your feet and feeling better.Pat x


Definitely get it checked out by your GP. Fluid retention is important to get on top of, and its not just steroids that cause it. It could be an early sign that other meds are affecting your kidneys. Your broken foot could be complicating things by you not being as mobile as you should be. Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure too, if they don't automatically do it.


Hi Lisa

As the others have mentioned, it is always worth speaking to your GP or rheumatology team about any new or unusual symptoms, especially if you are concerned. Alternatively, if it is difficult to get through to the GP or hospital it may be worth speaking to someone at NHS Direct on 0845 4647. I hope you are able to find something to relieve your discomfort very soon.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



Hello everyone and thanks for the replies I do not have a cast as I had a fracture and they dont put casts on, I have been up and about my Tiny studio flat, also into gally kitchen and loo, In all fairness though yes I am not as Mobile as before the fall, I was even then using a walking stick, Definately the active dancer I used to be back in the day, i am on just past 50 and this is driving me mad, It seems like since this has all come about pasy year and a half, if its not one thing to digest, its another thing comes along.

All that being said I will contact my GP to see her, Now i can push gently on my leg and the Dent stays there very strange



Hi Lisa, keep your foot elevated every time you are sitting down - this will help the excess fluid to drain back. Do mention it to your GP for safety. Any trauma to the legs etc does cause swelling which takes a while to go down and be reabsorbed. The dent will stay when you poke your leg because of the excess fluid.

I get swollen legs and ankles frrom time to time particularly the left leg when I had a baker cyst burst just before RA was diagnosed. I have one of those machines which stimulates and improves circulation and I find that works for me. But again before using one of them, check with your GP.

Hope you feel better soon. LavendarLady x


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