Does anyone with RA in knees attend aqua aerobics and have there been any benefits??

Hi all, I've taken the plunge today and joined my local swimming pool. I have had RA for about 8 years now and am trying to become healthier, I've given up smoking, trying to shift my weight and would love to reduce the pain I have daily. I have done an aquafit class tonight and it was tough going. I'm in quite a lot of pain at the moment would like to hear if people have had positive results from aquafit and swimming. Thanks.

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I did deep water aquafit for a bit where you have a flotation aid attached & work in deep water, this helped as there is no pressure on the knees but gave it up as I'm too competitive!!! I do want to get back to swimming however I am a swimmer so am able to do frontcrawl. I wouldn't do breatstroke at all because of my knees it's the worst stroke you can do!


Hi,yes I do aqua & I swim. It helps me, I have a bad knee, a long with everything else! It's important to get the balance right & not over do it. I have an apartment in Tenerife & when I'm there I swim twice a day,it's never done me any harm. Enjoy it'll be good for you x


I try to get to Aquafit twice a week and feel sure it helps enormously. I can do things in water I can't even contemplate on land. It helps that in water, no one can see whether you are doing it 'right' - but then again, who would comment or judge anyway. I think it has helped develop my thigh muscles which help take pressure off my knees. Do keep going - it gets easier the more you do it



I go to aquafit twice a week. It's wonderful being in the water and I can do things that I could not attempt on dry land.

I know exactly what you mean about being competitive - I have to remind myself that a) I could be the mother or grandmother to most of the others in the class b) I have a long term illness affecting my joints!

Don't forget to tell the instructor what you problems are. Mine is excellent - she points at me and says "Don't do this" or "Stay in the deep water" - there are several of us who stay in the deeper water to support our upper body joints and backs. And she does carefully warm up and do the warm down at the end too.

There are three or four people who wear a flotation belt and work in the deep water (most of my problems are with the upper body, so I stand up to my neck). This protects the hips, knees and feet.

But start from where you are NOW and work towards increased mobility.


Swimming really, really helps my knees & everything else. xx


Thank you all for your positive answers, I have to say my pain hasn't been as intense today which could be down the aquafit I done yesterday or maybe because I'm feeling mentally positive, either way it's a step in right direction. Emma. X


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