Please Collapse a Vein

Today's a red letter day. No not overdrawn, but my monthly MTX blood test. I suppose it could be a blood letter day if you like. I used to go on a Monday, but the middle aged lady health care assistant, a GP's wife struck me as a tad peculiar. She always managed to collapse my veins and thought it was hilarious. "Does that hurt" she would say with a giggle to which I would reply '"&+=$£<>@#. com. As I didn't share her Rosie Klebb type of humour I decided to change to a Wednesday and a much younger, more attractive HCA. The problem is she's so bloody quick and efficient that before you can say Jack Robinson, (not that I would) she's got you down in the chair, needle at the ready and with the words 'small prick' which you don't even feel, fills three phials with red liquid (I hesitate to call it blood) and is printing out last months results. I don't even have time to get comfortable let alone have a chat to discuss my sexual problems, before I'm out in the cold again. It's so frustrating. If only she'd collapse a vein........

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Sex ben whats that??? !!!!!!!!! sylvia.


That's the problem Sylvi!!!


I always go for the same hca at my practice. she is somewere around my age, v good at blood taking and a really nice person! x


I love your anecdotes (hope I have spelt that correctly???)

they put a smile on my face.

I had bloods today also - was vey anxious, but it seems I am on a role, did all by my lonesome again roflmao



I had to have anecdotes after being bitten by an adder once


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