KNEE, Anti-tnfs and a new handbag

KNEE, Anti-tnfs and a new handbag

I was at the hospital this morning for my knee. They were very pleased with me and they don't want to see me for 12mths which is good news. Then i was able to get the anti-tnf assessment as well. She told me it would save on car parkng fees,which was nice of her. Anyway,all the forms,blood tests are done,had the talk,filled in all the forms and now it is a waiting game. I was exhausted when i got home, it was so tiring and i couls feel myself flagging.

Before i left, i went into the shop and i got myself another handbag, well you have to don't you!!!

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  • You and shopping, can't take you anywhere!! Good news on the the knee and ant-tnf. At my hospital if you have a blue badge we don't have to pay even if you are not in a disabled spot. You would think this would happen to all of them.

    Have a lovely snooze in your chair to stop the flagging,xxx

  • We have to pay even with a blue badge. We are able to park close to the hospital at least. You would love coming shopping with me....xxxx

  • Yes please, what fun we would have, you with scooter, me with crutch. We could pile your scooter up with shopping bags!

  • I have done that before

  • Hope your new bag matches your pink stick. You have to be colour coordinated !!!!!!!!!!xxx

  • Hope all goes well for you and enjoy your shopping only thing that keeps us going love Karen x

  • Shopping and laughing are two of the things that keep me going. I am all whacked out since i got back home. Off course the bag is pink would it be any other colour,ha ha ha.xx

  • Brilliant well do you. I have a bit of a bag thing to. My daughter reckonds I need therapy.Like the picture what is that weapon your waving around is it a grabber?

  • No its my new pink walking stick.xx

  • hi sylvie, glad you have got your anti tnfs, you've had to wait long enough, wont be long now and you can do more shopping if the anti tnf kick in quick and work for you hope they do. pink bag , pink stick just need pink coat to match hun . Keep smiling xxx lena :)

  • What for,i have two and shoes as well.xx

  • lol you got the whole set then sylvie. xx

  • Good for you Sylvie, that is just what you need....good about the tnf assessment as well.

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