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I feeling dizzy last month and went to see my GP. She told me to do blood test the next day. So I did. The result come out as my blood test is borderline. My platelet is just slightly high than normal which is 403(400 for normal). My concern is my red blood count is 5.48(normal 4.8) also my lymph reading slightly high (dont remember the reading). My GP asked me to repeat the blood test another a month. So I did on Tuesday. Nurse told me I could get the result by Friday. Then try to book appointment with GP only available on Wednesday. Suddenly received a letter from GP to repeat the blood test again. I'm so freak out since it's weekend and the NHS is closed I couldn't get the answer why I have to repeat the blood test. I also in constant worry which lead me to have a panic attack. . What is the usual reason to do anothe blood test within a week?

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  • Totally understand how you feel....I got in a complete panic when a got a similar phone call from my the end in my case I had to repeat my test because there had been a problem with the sample and the blood has about call the surgery in the morning and ask why you need the retest. Mary

  • Thanks Mary. Already booked another blood test tomorrow morning might as well ask the nurse why. Hope it is nothing serious.

  • Hello

    I had to repeat a test when my potassium came back as too low (or high) can remember which now. It turned out to be fine.

    Sometimes there's an odd result that needs re-checking.

  • It clotted or was not get kept at correct temperature. Loads of reasons before you panic. I had one the GP's usually ring if it dire as he did 'Are you feeling ok? "Reply "Err yes, great " him "Technically your dead, on the there hand they may well have shaken the blood up" So off you pop today to get another one done. lol = another £5 to the hospital for car parking fees and guess what 2 years on still alive and well. xxx

  • The first one said you were so amazing they had to double check to be sure!,

    Seriously i dont know there could be a dozen reasons but your concern wont change anythinhg until you can get the information.

    Have you read the prayer that says....

    Give me the strength to change the things i can change, the patience to to accept the things i cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.


  • Stop worrying about it...there are many reasons a blood test needs repeating. If it's anything remotely serious your GP will not write to you she will call you in to speak to you immediately.

    I had to repeat a test because they lost my sample!

    We cannot read blood test results with any's not just the numbers, it's the way they relate to each other together with your personal circumstances that a doctor can interpret don't please don't keep worrying...your doctor obviously has it in hand & when you see her she will explain it all to you .

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