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How long does it take for a response?

As you may know from my blog, I had a second opinion from the rheumatologist a fortnight or so ago, and he was taking bloods to check for inflammation before confirming that the diagnosis was fibro. I know I'm incredibly impatient, but how long does it generally take for the consultant to send the letter to your GP (which he said he'd send me a copy of) to say what the findings are? I'm presuming that it's faster if they find something than if they don't, because they'd need to sort out medication?

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They generally take a couple of weeks. You could try contacting your rheumatologist's secretary to see whether it is still in the pipeline.


the guidelines say that letters should be typed on the day of the clinic.

I do however know whilst doing a specialist nurse job and running my own clinics. My letter could take a week to type (after dictation). I would phone the secretary and ask when I can expect the letter and confirmation of blood results.

Good luck


Ps. How is the project coming on??


Thanks, both - I might do that!

The project is gradually getting there - I've had a few big mountains of paperwork to delve through and complete for other tasks, but I'm getting some info together as I go along. It's nice, because I have a legitimate reason to be on here during working hours, as it now classes as research, of sorts! I've made a note of people's suggestions, and started on the little quiz that you suggested, which I'll add to as I go along.

Sara xx


HI Sara,

My GP said that letters from our hospital in Aberdeen are taking 4-6 weeks on average. The consultant may write them straight away but because of the secretarial shortage in the NHS now they don't get written up and sent for ages.

Good luck with the project.

Tilda x


Hi Sara

I've found it's different with different consultants. My Rheumy letter usually takes anything from 10 days to 3 weeks whereas my Cardiology only ever takes 10 days, so I guess it depends on workload of the secretaries.

Good luck with the project and of course your diagnosis/treatment.

Beth x


Thanks, both! :) xx


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