update on my question 'could this be RA'

Hi all, I thought I would report back to all the lovely people who took the time and trouble to answer my original question above, a few weeks ago.

I took your advice, and even though my bloods do not show signs of inflammation, I made an appointment with My GP, and went today. It takes a couple of weeks minimum to get an appointment with him, but I prefer to wait, as I find him so understanding, and he listens!

I am getting progressively worse, with also dry eyes, I thought I had hay fever! He told me that it is common for people with arthritis to get this, and prescribed drops.

He immediately referred me to a Rheumatologist, so I will have to wait for an appointment now, but he did say that it sounds like RA to him, and I needed a proper evaluation.

Thank you all so much for your help as I would have probably put this off without you!

Very best wishes, and I will keep you informed of my progress if you don't mind.


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  • Caz, you can get an operation that cauterises the tear duct and it is a two minute op and it will give your eyes clarity and your eyes will be easier. It does sound like ra and i hope you soon get an appointment and a good diagnosis. sylvi.xx

  • I had not thought of an operation, maybe that is the way to go, as I have had this sporadically for a couple of months now, I will try the drops and see how I go.

    I must say it is scary how fast things progress with this condition, I wonder if I have not had this for a while as I have had similar things in the past that calmed down on their own but not as severe.

    Time will tell I suppose, thank you for answering, Cazx

  • I hope you get an appointment soon and get a diagnoses. I also have. Dry dry eyes, they drive me wild sometimes, didn't know there was an operation for it though, may have to look into that. Xx

  • I must say my eyes are so uncomfortable, at first mainly at night, now all the time, but then my other symptoms are also worse at night!

    Take care and thanks for your reply!


  • Hi caz,my pain has always been worse at night,I think for most its mornings. Ive just stared medication for RA & its going really well fingers crossed!! Perhaps not to painful!' hope you get seen soon. Caza x

  • hiya

    The operation for dry eyes is generally only done after formal diagnosis of dry eyes or sjogrens disease with a test called Shirmers which sees how dry your eyes are, also the docs will check the cause for example central heating will make the problem worse etc.

    There are lots of drops of the market to replace the tear film and have elements of the natural tear film in which includes Saline and a lipid "fatty layer", and these can be very helpful.

    If they felt, after all this, that they need to block the lacrimal ducts where your tears drain (the little pimple on the bottom lid near the nose) they put in plastic bungs which can be helpful and occassionally will only make the problem worse by making the eyes too wet and then the tears will spill onto the cheek!!!

    But often when you get your RA under control and a definite diagnosis when you get started on the medication hopefully you will start to feel better very soon!! Hope you dont have to long to wait!! Hugs Axx

  • Thanks for the info, I do wake at night (when I sleep!) and my eyes are just pouring, I look as if I am crying!

    I will keep at the drops for now, I have only just started them, and I have yet to be diagnosed formally so we shall see what the future brings,

    take care, Cazx

  • There is also a non surgical way to deal with dry eyes - by putting in punctal plugs. These are little silicon plugs that they put in the tear ducts - it stops the tears from draining away so fast so your eyes stay wetter.

  • That sounds a good idea, I have only just started the drops but they are not working yet, so maybe I will have to think of something else, thanks for your reply, Cazx

  • Hi, make a nice phone call to the Rhuemy Consultant's secretary just to ask when the appointment might be??? Just be nice but say how urgent it is!!!

    Good luck, jan

  • Thanks Jan, I will give it a few days as they won't have received a letter yet, but great advice!

  • Hi cazbaz

    Dry eyes could be sjogrens disease, it comes secondary to having RA, i have been diagnosed with sjogrens for a few years now and didnt think it was to do with the RA but mentioned it to consultant and she tested for it there and then and it was positive. I havnt heard that there is an operation ( dont think i would like an operation on my eyes anyway). I seen my optician for a routine sight test and said about my eyes being even dryer and he said you must use the eye drops every four hour otherwise you can get bad infections. So now i use them all the time and they are a lot better. so use then every day and your eyes should improve. Hope all goes well at your appointment xx

  • Thanks Danab. I have found that 3 tines a day is not enough with the drops, and as it says 2 drops in each eye, I think I will try 1 drop and do it more often I think I may have an infection, will let you know how it goes.

    I really appreciate the heads up, and will check out sjogrens, I have found today that my mouth has gone really dry too, is that another sign?

    Thanks again,